The first generation of Chinese missile destroyer Nanchang retired (Photos) yuanjiao

The first generation of Chinese missile destroyer Nanchang retired (Photos) original title: Nanchang ship domestic first generation missile destroyer Nanchang retired by the Navy approved work cast thousands of miles across China, serving 34 years of domestic first generation missile destroyer Nanchang in September 8th to retire, the Beihai naval fleet destroyer detachment held a grand retirement ceremony, to witness the "hero city" glorious moments in the history of the retired battleship. At 10 o’clock in the morning, Dalian, a port of Lushun flag fluttering, in the majestic song sound, made the first generation missile destroyer Nanchang and retired flag handover ceremony officially began. Nanchang ship hanging over the flag magnificent, the soldiers lined up neatly A fighting spirit soars aloft. Named "hero city" Nanchang Nanchang ship like vicissitudes and distinguished veteran retired, bid farewell to 30 years of guarding the country thousands of miles across china. Once the battle veterans and crew members in the ship ship feats gathered in port terminals, witnessed the glorious moment in history. "Drop the flag! Salute!" With the order, the bow flagpole flag was lowered, Nanchang ship captain Tian Yu holding the flag solemnly lieutenant colonel to the Beihai fleet and Political Department leaders. Subsequently, the army leadership and the leadership of the Nanchang in the Nanchang ship handover book on the signing of the successful completion of the handover. After the transfer, the Nanchang ship will return to the heroic city of Nanchang, was built into a military theme park, as a national defense education and patriotism education base to contribute. As our own design and construction of the first generation of guided missile destroyers, from 1982 to serve in 2016 to complete the combat mission, Nanchang ship witnessed the development of the Chinese Navy from small to large, from weak to strong. I joined the people’s Navy Nanchang ship battle on 1982, after serving under the South China Sea fleet of the navy destroyer detachment, Navy 2004 system of adjustment, Nanchang ship over to the Beihai naval fleet destroyer detachment. Nanchang ship officers and soldiers with loyal and brave driving ship dived, Nanchang ship track across the country in the coastal areas, the implementation of several major exercises, naval combat patrol, joint military drill task, was awarded the "military training units", "strictly advanced unit", "equipment management advanced unit" and other honorary dozens. (CCTV reporter Zhang Hailong, Chen Fawen, Zhang Zechao, Sun Zhongyao)相关的主题文章: