The first to qualify for the private market will not exceed 10 seven conditions list-sexinse

The first to get qualified to make a private market will not exceed 10 of the seven conditions list three new board makers only the pattern of the broker is broken. Today (September 14th), private institutions nationwide share transfer system making business pilot professional accreditation program announced "the national share transfer system" (hereinafter referred to as "the evaluation scheme"), clear private can participate in the new three panel makers, must meet 7 conditions, and the requirements of "the evaluation plan" announced private placement in 30 working days to submit application materials on play. Among them, the paid up registered capital of not less than 100 million, and nearly 3 years the average annual information management scale of not less than 2 billion yuan, the two conditions has become the main obstacle for the private market. It is understood that the current reporting has about 32 private institutions to meet the conditions of the intention to declare, but ultimately will choose no more than 10 of the market making business pilot. The private market should meet seven conditions "the evaluation scheme", announced the basic conditions for private institutions to apply for the city, there are seven main reasons: 1, paid up registered capital of not less than one hundred million yuan, a strong financial position; 2, continuing operations more than three years, and nearly three of average annual assets of not less than two billion yuan 3, apply for institutions and personnel; the last three years has not received Chinese Commission administrative punishment; 4, in accordance with the relevant requirements of the new board making business business plan and internal management system; 5, the city has a special business unit, equipped with 5 market making business personnel not less than, the wind control personnel of not less than 1 name; 6, has a high level of risk control, operational making business transactions and clearing scheme; and promised in the Review before acceptance, as required to complete all the technical preparations, to ensure compliance with the relevant technical norms making business system, and the shares of the company’s test; 7, has become a Chinese Securities Investment Fund Industry Association general membership. Among them, the paid registered capital of not less than 100 million yuan has been cut off most of the private placement. According to Choice financial terminal statistics, the filing of the 17376 sunshine private equity funds, the paid up capital of not less than 1 hundred million (including 1 hundred million) of private placement, accounting for only about 6.73%. At the same time, the need to meet the "continuous operation for more than three years, and nearly three years the average annual assets of not less than two billion yuan", and "private equity fund manager registration and filing methods (Trial)" was formally implemented in February 7, 2014, the filing system is far less than 3 years, that is to say after this new the establishment of private equity will not meet the requirements. Shanghai, a private equity fund to engage in securities investment partner, the registered capital of 1 hundred million is enough to filter out the most private, most of the 1170 private equity investment fund in securities investment fund, the registered are relatively small. The selection of not more than 10 pilot according to financial statistics on the grid, there are 32 private institutions to apply for new board making, including 21 equity funds, 4 venture capital funds, 6 securities investment funds and 1 fund subsidiaries. Among them, Jiuding group, China Merchants, the star sky map capital, investment theory相关的主题文章: