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The four chapter of twenty-two pages and not as much as the United States and Zhejiang tourism Sohu – I know more than the beauty of Jiangnan landscape poetry and painting, the mountains and rivers, but was born in the Zhejiang mountain water pavilions, terraces and open halls; pound stone waterfall, Lang Gu Xiang peng. I think Zhejiang is a Book of Jiangnan beauty books, this book is only 22 pages, to record all the beauty of Zhejiang, Zhejiang and recorded the most beautiful poetry and the distance. Today let us enjoy the most beautiful poetry Jiangnan place. The first chapter: olfactory hiding in the morning mist in the morning breeze with partly hidden and partly visible rhyme, and the moon, opened the town page on the first page of the Millennium Wuzhen Wuzhen is a town built in 1300 in the history of Jiangnan ancient town. The inland river cross town will be divided into "east gate, South Gate, west gate, North gate". It can be said that Wuzhen retains the ancient charm and complete form. Here is one of the ten famous historical and cultural towns and Chinese Chinese town. Second pages of the Xitang Xitang is located in Jiaxing Jiashan Town, langpeng it is commendable, nearly 1000 meters length, all black tiles, or a river or the center, known as "a drowning". Xitang ancient town is a popular children’s alley, are busy shops, let a person feel warm heart. The third page painting Guyan Township painting Guyan township is located in Lishui City, a Lishui ecological and cultural integrity to convey to the world. The ancient village streets Pavilion quay, ancient celadon kiln, large and small and ancient camphor tree group, is the ancient style here true mountain water. Fourth pages of the Nanxun ancient town of Nanxun is located in Huzhou, known as the "state of culture" and "poetry". Here is different from the other town lies in the humanistic resources, combination of Chinese and Western architecture, is a low-key luxury place. The second chapter: Stone Xiushui, Ling Feng waterfall, a dream in Langya is the remotest corners of the globe fifth page volume Fengyun Yandang Mountain Nirvana in Fire, SAC as surprising the world of excellence. The viewfinder hit show "Nirvana in Fire", in the Wenzhou Yandang Mountain in Yueqing. Yandang Mountain wonderful scenery, stunning, Lingfeng, Yeongam, big ryongchu is nature’s extraordinary as if done by the spirits. As the Qing Dynasty poet dyke said: "I would like to write ryongchu difficult to write, do not swim wild goose is a virtual student." Sixth pages of the Nanxi River Yongjia is the world of paradise, Nanxi River is on the. "Yongjia" two words, containing the "long and beautiful water," the meaning of this water, that is, the territory of Nanxi River. May three hundred Nanxi River into the natural scenery and the humanities landscape, with beautiful water, strange rocks, waterfalls, ancient village, Lin Xiu and with fame spreading far and wide. Page seventh of Qiandao Lake Qiandao Lake to the Kuril, silk, gold belt as the main features of the landscape, 100 thousand posture, deep harbor, lush trees, green everywhere, Xi Gu Feng rock, each other. Eighth pages of the Xixi Xixi is a kidney in West Lake, if West Lake is too neat, too small, not enough taste, then Xixi has "yequ". The seasons of the year in Xixi, spring romance, summer green, Qiu Lu snow, persimmon reflected waves, like a painting. Page ninth Quzhou jianglangshan jianglangshan unique charm and mystery, is the nature of good fortune. Three pieces of the first peak in China Danxia ".相关的主题文章: