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The greater the floor noise? Experts: Mr. Lee and the surrounding environment is closely related to – Beijing wants to purchase wedding recently met a difficult problem, house sales staff to recommend it to the first floor of the building, according to the sales staff said, "the first floor of the light is not the best, but buy low layer better, top of the noise." In this regard, Mr. Lee did not know is true or false, so this newspaper reflects the problem. Not only did Mr. Lee have such doubts, for the noise of the floor of the problem has been a lot of discussion on the Internet, the higher the floor noise, the noise is only the middle floor"…… Netizens say different. Is there a relationship between the floor level and the noise level? In this regard, the reporter interviewed by the scene and interviewed environmental experts, to answer this question in detail. The reporter observed the noise value with the floor is not increased in September 22nd 14, City Times reporter using measured noise APP mobile phone software, located in the River Road, a 33 storey residential building street test. The vehicle sound is noisy, The stream never stops flowing., and the surrounding vegetation is not much. 30 minutes later, the test results for the 1 layer of 44.6 dB, 18 dB, 46.6 dB, 33 dB, 44.9 db. According to the results of this test, the noise does not increase significantly with the increase of the floor, but the noise value of the middle floor is relatively high. Subsequently, the selection of the same area in the vicinity of a green building and a 33 storey residential building for testing. Test results show that the 1 layer is 38.6 dB, the level of 40.9 dB, the level of 38.9 dB for the same level, the highest level does not appear to be the trend of noise values become larger, the noise level in the middle of the floor should be slightly higher than some of the 33. But this building residential building than street residential building, the value of noise is relatively small. Due to the use of the test is to measure the noise of the APP mobile phone software, noise meter use is not the professional sector, nor on the other interference factors of professional exclusion, so the test numerical may not be completely accurate, a reference as the only trend analysis. Expert city high-rise building noise peak in 10 layer around the city of Kunming Environmental Science Research Institute senior engineer Loretta Lee said, "the higher the floor more noise" has no scientific basis. Generally, the composition and transmission of urban noise sources is more complex, whether it is located in different areas of the building, or in the same area of different forms of construction, the noise value may be different. The size of the noise and the floor level relationship can not be generalized, according to the environmental situation in the building surrounding area (such as there is no overpass, factories, whether in the tunnel, the existence of barriers, analysis) and the specific situation of noise sources. At the same time, appear on both sides of the road construction noise peak, and building adjacent to the road condition, traffic vehicle type, vehicle speed, road opposite the building height, architectural form and other factors, it is difficult to accurately quantify. Many domestic experts have done research on the relationship between the floor and the noise, but the results are not entirely consistent, some experts believe that the city of high-rise.相关的主题文章: