The horn of the car has a horn, and it’s easy to cause

The car horn sounded with emphasis on the horn, easy to cause "trouble", many drivers have encountered such a situation: meet red light parking, waiting, but the car was forced honk honk. On the horn will cause a lot of trouble, Ningbo Yinzhou day ago occurred after the car honking his horn caused by "road rage" incident. In the first two days, a red car and a taxi were driving along the road in front of the one-way road to the north of the middle song river. The car was a little slow, and the car got impatient and kept honking". A long time, the former car driver tired, and then a foot brake, resulting in a taxi hit the head. The two sides had a quarrel, and moved fist, and finally to the police station…… Traffic police said, in this accident, after the car does not stop honking, causing the former car driver "road anger", resulting in accidents. Yinzhou traffic police combed the accident cases in recent years, found that seven cases of the wrong use of horn, often lead to trouble". The most common thing is "congestion at intersections, honking constantly."". Rush hour, in some crowded intersections, although the green light, but because of congestion can not advance, many drivers habitually use horns to indicate the front of the vehicle, can do so not only can not solve the problem, but also easy to cause contradictions with the driver of the front car. Secondly, many drivers find pedestrians or non motor vehicles in front or at intersections, and they prefer to use loudspeakers. This may lead to pedestrians and non motor vehicle drivers panic and cause accidents. There are several other conditions, such as when using the horn to meet old and sick "urging"; use the horn and out of the hospital, community, school, tunnel, garage; heavy vehicles with frequent whistle or sound loud speaker tip; use of horn animal encounters; "road rage" drivers use the horn to vent, these behaviors easily lead to conflicts and disputes even the traffic accident. The correct use of horn stress, in the order of Yinzhou Traffic Police Brigade captain Xie Liming said, honk, in the current traffic laws and regulations mainly involves two types: one is the vehicle when overtaking, in advance should turn on the left turn signal transform, use low beam lights or honking; two is near the top of the ramp, the vehicle turns the influence of safe sight distance road and overtaking or in an emergency situation, should slow down and honk. Xie stressed that if you do not honk the horn according to the regulations or honk horn or horn in the area, causing traffic accidents, you should pay a fine of 200 yuan. Of course, the police will not be punished for honking in special cases. Special circumstances include: the car before the car, the car will hit the rear, rear car whistle reminder; the same lane there are serious violations of vehicles, such as the discovery of vehicle retrograde; vehicles at the sharp corner whistle reminder.

车辆鸣笛示意有讲究 乱按喇叭易引发“麻烦”很多驾驶人遇到过这样的情况:遇到红灯停车等待,后车却猛按喇叭催促。乱按喇叭会引发不少“麻烦”,宁波鄞州日前就发生了一起因后车不停按喇叭引起的“路怒”事件。前两天,在嵩江中路往北的单行线文启路上,一辆红色轿车与一辆出租车一前一后行驶在该路段上。前车开得有些慢,后车不耐烦了,不停地按喇叭“提醒”。时间一长,前车驾驶员烦了,于是一脚急刹,结果出租车一头撞了上去。双方由此发生争执,还动起了拳头,最后闹到了派出所……交警说,在这起事故中,后车不停按喇叭引发了前车驾驶员“路怒”,从而导致事故发生。鄞州交警梳理了近几年辖区内的事故案例,发现七种情况下错误地使用喇叭,常会引发“麻烦”。最常见的就是“路口拥堵,持续按喇叭”。上下班高峰,在一些比较拥堵的路口,虽逢绿灯,但由于拥堵无法前进,很多司机习惯性地用喇叭提示前方车辆,可这么做不仅不能解决问题,还很容易造成与前车驾驶人的矛盾。其次,不少驾驶员发现车辆前方或路口有行人、非机动车时,喜欢使用喇叭提示,这么做有可能会导致行人和非机动车驾驶人惊慌失措而引发事故。还有其他几种情况,比如遇到老弱病残时用喇叭“催促”;出入医院、小区、学校、隧道、车库时使用喇叭;重型车辆频繁用汽笛或声音巨响的喇叭提示;遇到动物时使用喇叭;“路怒症”司机使用喇叭发泄,这些行为容易引发矛盾纠纷,甚至是交通事故。正确使用喇叭有讲究,鄞州交警大队秩序中队长谢利明说,鸣喇叭示意,在现行的交通法律法规中主要涉及两种情况:一是机动车在超车时,应当提前开启左转向灯、变换使用远、近光灯或者鸣喇叭;二是机动车驶近急弯、坡道顶端等影响安全视距的路段以及超车或者遇有紧急情况时,应当减速慢行,并鸣喇叭示意。谢警官强调,如若因不按规定鸣喇叭示意或在禁止鸣喇叭的区域或路段鸣喇叭,造成交通事故的,要处200元罚款。当然,对于特殊情况鸣喇叭提示的,交警不会处罚。特殊情况包括:前车溜车,即将撞上后车,后车鸣笛提醒;同车道有车辆存在严重违法行为,比如发现车辆逆行;车辆在急转弯处鸣笛提醒等。相关的主题文章: