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SEO Although the field of Social Media is now flourishing is being collectively cast as online marketing, I still see some questionable practices whereby a company has marketed themselves (sometimes synchronised) collectively on the big networks, rather than tailor each strategy. The issue with this is that youre only appealing to one market at a time, and creating noise rather than potential for engagement. Heres why: Facebook: Here lives over 600 million consumers that behave almost selfishly. Theyll like you if they perceive value, achieve gains or show affiliation, but unless youre constantly pushing for their online time, theyre likely to forget about you and in extreme cases, hide your posts from their wall. With Facebook, it becomes important to engage using voting/questions/multimedia/games/competitions to keep the ball rolling to avoid becoming stale and forgettable. Twitter: Yes, this is a broadcasting medium, but it does call for some creativity. Simply spewing excessive noise just wont cut it. You have to evolve what is current, portray your news as unique, and promote in ways that cause a chain-reaction in responses or retweets. Never waste a Tweet but not including a link to some other multimedia space where you can catch those interested parties, always mention others, and keep an eye on those trends. LinkedIn: The interesting thing about this network is that it is grown up. With almost 100 million professionals, simply feeding your synchronised Tweets to LinkedIn can cause you more headaches than you bargained for. Instead, look for opportunities to apply your industry knowledge by answering questions, joining discussions in groups, and interacting with others in your network. Its also a good idea to introduce some LinkedIn apps to keep the multimedia content alive. YouTube: One of the most important mediums of our time. Introducing regular, engaging content is the key to your success. It doesnt have to be good, it just has to be unique to you and it will be seen. Too many opportunities are lost as YouTube becomes one of the final landscapes of any major Social Media campaign, where in essence, it should be the most important of all. You can learn more about Digital media and marketing company, social media management service and Social Media Consultant, by visiting – Article Source :- ..strongmandigital…au/2011/05/17/the-importance-of-separating-social-strategy/ About the Author: 相关的主题文章: