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The insurance giant cut net profit of bank funds maneuvers staged operation of Sina Financial Fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Along with the capital market downturn, the insurance industry investment performance, net profit rate of return spoil the enthusiasm, fell sharply last year, brilliant performance has gone. The four listed insurance firms, China Life Insurance, Pacific Insurance, Ping An in the newspaper recently disclosed, in order to cope with turmoil in the capital markets investment risk, the company actively use funds surgical maneuvers in the first half of the year, the bank financial products become the object of pursuit. The net income of 65 billion   only Ping An insurance industry contrarian growth data show that involvement in the bank interest rates, the stock market downturn, falling on the first half operating efficiency significantly, insurance company expects a total profit of 105 billion 586 million yuan, down 124 billion 199 million yuan, down 54.05%. Among them, China life, Ping An insurance, Pacific Insurance, the four listed insurance firms net profit of 65 billion yuan, accounting for nearly 50%. But with super strength investment insurance giant also did not show extraordinary ability, the majority of net profit cut". First released the report of the disclosure of the first half of life, life on the net profit of 10 billion 395 million yuan, compared to last year’s 31 billion 489 million yuan, down 67%. Coincidentally, the other two insurance giant PICC, CPIC all net profit decline, the first half of the year with PICC net profit of 11 billion 284 million yuan, down 37.4%, net profit attributable to shareholders was 7 billion 725 million yuan, down 39.7% year-on-year; Pacific net profit of 6 billion 142 million yuan, down 45.6%. In comparison, China life net profit fell the most, more than the industry average decline. In this regard, the insurance companies will be attributed to the decline in net profit in the capital market downturn, the decline in investment income and the impact of changes in Reserve discount rate. However, in the comprehensive financial go fastest in peace from the banking and trust, information management, the financial aspects of the Internet driven, net profit trend growth, the first half net profit reached 40 billion 776 million yuan, an increase of 17.7%. Among them, Ping An Life on net profit reached 16 billion yuan, the largest contribution, insurance, banking, securities, trust contributed 6 billion 700 million yuan, 7 billion yuan, 1 billion 200 million yuan and 900 million yuan. It is worth mentioning that the Internet and other financial services to Ping An net profit growth contributed, a loss of 609 million yuan in the first half of last year, net profit of $7 billion 142 million. In this regard, Ping explained that the Internet banking sector after years of cultivation, its value has gradually emerged, and began to contribute to the group’s profits. The Internet financial business and other profit year-on-year growth, the main reason is the confirmation of inclusive financial restructuring transactions, namely safe transfer Jinlian Overseas Holdings Limited 100% stake in the net profit of 9 billion 497 million yuan. With the rapid development of the insurance business, the total assets of the insurance industry are increasing. Among them, peace total assets reached 5 trillion and 220 billion yuan, an increase of 9.5%, total assets of 2.59 of the country life相关的主题文章: