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The latest market outlet point to the PPP triangle of decryption stocks potential – Beijing – reporter Zhao Ziqiang Qiao Chuanchuan editor’s note: yesterday, PPP (PPP) stocks eye-catching performance, financial environment, 5 related stocks with closing price limit, to PPP+ environmental engineering, PPP+ water conservancy construction etc. the concept of plate, lead a group of hot linkage, analysts said, with the formation of the new hot spot, the market is expected to take out of the shock region, while in the air above the PPP stocks can pay close attention to. Today, this paper analyzes the performance of PPP stocks, capital flows and institutional trends in three aspects of its interpretation for investors. More than 70% PPP stocks medium-term growth "Securities Daily" Market Research Center, according to flush iFinD statistics show that in the concept of PPP shares in 63 companies, as of yesterday, 51 companies have been disclosed in reporting the results, the net profit growth of 37 companies, accounting for 72.55%. Further, Nari, the cloud cast ecology, Prudential shares, Tengda construction, Xingyuan environment, Gao Xinxing, Masson technology, energy and environment, Baan water medium-term growth in more than 100%, respectively: 1025.43%, 762.54%, 406.77%, 248.89%, 240.44%, 220.56%, 187.37%, 140.70% and 101.39%; in addition, medium-term growth, Fuhuang steel Oriental Garden, real smart, clean water source and Dayu water company also were more than 50%. In fact, the substantial increase in performance of the company, the most benefit from the rapid development in recent years, the PPP project, two consecutive daily limit of Masson technology in the recent company as an example, the report disclosed, the reporting period, operating income grew 71.92%, the main reason for the part of the PPP project orders signed landing, construction the output value increased, resulting in sales increased significantly, and compared with the traditional PPP project project, gross profit is relatively high, resulting in the first half of 2016 net profit increased considerably. It is worth mentioning that the steady increase of benefit from the PPP project orders, the number of listed companies is expected to three quarterly interim results will continue the good situation in the company, as of yesterday, Prudential shares, the cloud cast ecology, Oriental Garden, Fuhuang steel and real intelligence and other 5 companies have disclosed three quarterly notice, and solid performance pre hi. In this regard, China Merchants Securities, said that since the beginning of this year, PPP projects have landed, the results improved significantly. Based on the previous signing, landing project is expected in the three quarter will show explosive growth, the three quarter and annual results leading the company is expected to achieve greatly improved; in addition, the legislation of PPP development will also bring new impetus to the application of PPP model. Key recommendation: Garden plate (Oriental Garden, south of the Five Ridges garden, HUD ecological, Masson Technology (Gezhouba Dam), the infrastructure sector, the tunnel shares, Chinese building, long yuan construction, Fuhuang steel etc.). More than 1 billion 100 million yuan of funds sought after the 11 Dragons相关的主题文章: