The latest progress in the fall well not found above the mud boy rescue children – Sohu news cancam

The latest progress in the fall well: not found above the mud boy rescue children – Sohu   news site. Beijing News reporter Peng Ziyang photo Beijing News News (reporter Li Mingcheng Yuan Yuan Tang Yao) this evening at 9:40 PM, blue rescue team captain Pang Zhi again informed the rescue progress, this time from the 6 year old boy has been falling for more than 100 hours. Now there are about 1.5 meters distance mud wall depth, then put forward a section of wall, the distance is only 70 cm soil. The mud hair found no child fall well. Subsequently, blue rescue team rescue experts told reporters that the rescue team now has been using the artificial excavation, the wall settlement method. Now close to them, now can be used directly to reach the mud surface, and then see what is under the mud structure what structure. "Equipment and now can not see the naked eye below the mud mud structure, it couldn’t find anything, only found a toy for children, families have taken away." The rescue experts said, there is moisture underground, the hand can not distinguish between mud and soil. For the current rescue time, he said, should soon have results. "At the end of a pipe section will soon be out, then it can be directly used to reach them. But the construction below ground surface is to be dug to know."相关的主题文章: