The legend of Mobius Chinese emerging market investors is still the most attractive investment!

The legend of Mobius: Chinese emerging market investors is still the most attractive investment! If there is an emerging market country that keeps investors worried, then the market is china. Chinese economic growth slowed down in the past few years, the debt China banking scale, Chinese investment return rate also fell, Ming Sheng China index fell 0.4% in the past 12 months. However, the legend of the emerging market investors Mobius said, now is not the time to withdraw China market, still can buy. News: China Construction Engineering map. Mobius is president of Templeton emerging markets group, the group manages $25 billion in assets. Mobius began to invest in developing countries since 1987. Mobius said Chinese is still the global economic generator. The current management of Mobius Templeton emerging markets fund trust, the year to date revenue reached 22.39%. According to Morningstar group, an investor who invested $100 in 1991, today’s return will reach $42 thousand and 500. Mobius is Asiamoney as the world’s 100 most influential and best investor in 2006. 1999 was named Carson group ten fund managers in twentieth Century. At present, Chinese Mobius investment accounted for the proportion of the total investment 21.9%. Mobius said, "the current market for China sentiment is very negative, this is unfounded. China’s economic scale, the current economic growth is still very fast." Although China’s current GDP growth can not reach 2010 of the time of 10.6%, but China’s economic growth is still faster than other countries. According to data released by China’s National Bureau of statistics in October 18th, China’s third quarter GDP growth of 6.7%, unchanged from market expectations. China’s current population of 1 billion 400 million, many people’s income has just risen. Mobius said, "don’t forget Chinese vast human potential." One of the main concerns for the Chinese market comes from bad debts in China’s banking sector. Fitch said that China’s banking sector may be 10 times the size of the official forecast. However, Chinese Mobius said, most of the banks are state-owned banks, China government will not let the state-owned banks the U.S. banking industry appeared in the economic crisis of the problem. In addition, some banks have begun to sell bad debt in the form of mortgage-backed securities in order to reduce the proportion of non-performing loans on bank balance sheets. Other banks, such as CITIC Bank, are replenishing their capital through bond market financing. Mak optimistic about the Chinese government increasingly concerned about stimulating domestic demand policy shift. China’s per capita income is increasing, according to Trading Economics. China’s disposable income has increased from $11759 to $31195 over the past ten years. This is very meaningful, because the rise in per capita income means that people’s spending power will be enhanced. A proof of the Mobius Alibaba as Chinese domestic demand growth. In 2015 November 11th, Chinese singles became Chinese black)相关的主题文章: