The maltreatment of the 4 year old girls in Zhenjiang was identified as skin trauma.-gigolos

Network exposure Zhenjiang 4 year old left behind girls were abused police identification were all skin trauma yesterday, Zhenjiang a forum on suspected child abuse incident. A young woman’s upper body and head are scarred by a net post. The post quickly fermented and became a hot topic in the local area. Yesterday afternoon, the modern express reporter rushed to the local investigation that the girl is 4 years old this year, is a body of left-behind children, the scar may and related domestic violence. Fortunately, after forensic identification, the girl’s injury was not heavy. At present, the local police have been involved in the investigation. The girl was "abused" by the Internet exposing girl and wanted the police to intervene. "Are you still a person?" She’s just a child. " At 11:13 on the morning of 19, a post in the Zhenjiang network caused a great wave. Many pictures in the placard showed that there were bruises on the head, back, chest and abdomen, and even the oral part of the girl. The frontal scar seemed to have healed and scarred. Then some scars on the back were healing. Some of the scars had not yet come off. "I never imagined that abuse would happen to me," the Post wrote. "As a child’s mother, my heart hurts. The picture of the child is (Zhenjiang) Jin Jia Bian Cun Gao Zi Zhen Dantu District villagers school in a private kindergarten high, child injury is the teacher found, now the police. Ask the police to bring the people to justice. " At 2:10 p.m., the original text had been recompiled and some of the text was deleted. After this post is sent out quickly, many netizens pay attention, the number of clicks and the amount of replies are rising all the way. Up to 6 o’clock at 0 o’clock in the evening, the number of hits has exceeded 110 thousand times, and the number of replies has exceeded 550. On the 19 day, the modern express reporter drove to the high capital town of Zhenjiang to make a field interview. Local villagers Ms. Wei told Modern Express reporter, spread through the network, the village has a lot of people already know the village there is a girl was playing things, she also points to the child’s grandmother, and said that the girl’s parents are married, she is the mother. Then, under the guidance of Ms. Wei, the reporter came to the place of residence of the girl, which was a 2 storey building. At the entrance of the house, the door was closed and the reporter knocked on the door. A man in the door said they were police and refused to enter the press. When the modern express reporter came to the village, a lot of villagers gathered around the girl’s house. According to the villagers, the girl was 4 years old this year. In September, she just went to kindergarten. Because his parents worked in the outside city, they now live with her grandmother. It is worth mentioning that the girl and her grandmother and father do not have a blood relationship, and her parents are going home from other places when they learn about it. As of 4 pm, the reporter left Jin Jia Bian Cun, the police are still investigating the girl’s home. The police are the identification of skin injury does not exclude domestic violence may subsequently, the modern express reporter drove 10 minutes to the town owned a kindergarten, the park guard Chen told Modern Express reporter, the girl usually by her grandmother in charge of transport, the girl gave him the impression is very cute and clever, it will speak "," the child born in this family is indeed…… I hate to pick it up and let my wife take it. Mr. Chen said that the injuries on the girl’s body were old and new, "forensic identification, no internal injuries, all skin injuries." The responsible person in charge of the high capital police station also expressed to the reporter of modern express, through forensic appraisal, the girl’s injury is not heavy and there is no internal injury. The person in charge revealed that the information that the police are investigating now is similar to that of the reporter. The reporter asked the girl’s scar is not caused by the family, the other claims, does not exclude the possible violence. He also stressed that the truth would have to wait for the final results, and the police would announce it to the outside world. On the afternoon of 19 th, the Gao police station responded publicly on the Internet. It said that 110 instructions were received on the same day: a girl in a kindergarten in high vocational school was suspected of being mistreated.

网曝镇江4岁留守女童遭虐待 警方鉴定均是皮外伤昨天,镇江一论坛上曝出疑似虐童事件。网帖显示,一名幼女上半身及头部伤痕累累。该帖迅速发酵,成为当地热门话题。昨天下午,现代快报记者赶赴当地调查得知,这名女孩今年4岁,是一名留守儿童,其身上伤痕可能和家暴有关。所幸,经法医鉴定,女孩伤势并不重。目前当地警方已经介入调查。网曝女童遭“虐待”希望警方介入“你还是人吗?她只是个孩子。” 19日上午11点13分,一条帖子在镇江网络引起轩然大波。帖中多张图片显示,女孩的头部、背部、胸腹部乃至口腔部位都有伤痕,正面的伤痕看上去已经愈合结疤,而后背部的一些伤痕正在愈合,有的疤痕还未脱落。该帖写道:“ 从来没有想象过虐待就发生在自己的身边,作为一个孩子的妈妈,我的心很疼。图片上的孩子是(镇江)丹徒区高资镇金家边村的村民,在高资的一家私人幼儿园上学,孩子身上的伤是老师发现的,目前已经报警。请警察将相关人员绳之以法。”下午2点10分, 该帖原文已经被重新编辑,并删减了部分文字。此帖发出后迅速引来众多网友关注,点击次数、回帖量一路攀升。截至晚上6点0分,点击量突破11万次、回帖数量超过550个,大量网友在痛心之余,纷纷对伤人者予以谴责,并要求警方严惩。现场父母均在外打工女孩靠奶奶生活为了核实相关细节,19日下午,现代快报记者驱车赶往镇江高资镇实地采访。当地村民魏女士告诉现代快报记者,经过网络传播后,村里有很多人已经知道村中有一名女孩被打的事情,她同时将矛头指向了孩子的奶奶,并表示,女孩的爸妈是二婚,她是妈妈带来的。随后,在魏女士的指引下,记者来到女孩的居住地,这是一幢2层楼房。房子入口处的门关着,记者敲门量明身份,门内一名男子表示,他们是警察,拒绝记者入内。现代快报记者来到村中时,女孩家附近聚集了不少村民。据村民介绍,女孩今年4岁,9月份刚刚上幼儿园,由于父母在外市打工,目前和奶奶居住。值得一提的是,女孩和现在的奶奶、爸爸没有血缘关系,她的父母得知此事后正在从外地往家里赶。截至下午4点,记者离开金家边村时,警察还在女孩家中调查。警方鉴定均是皮外伤不排除家暴可能随后,现代快报记者驱车10分钟来到高资镇某幼儿园,该园门卫陈先生告诉现代快报记者,女孩平时由她奶奶负责接送,女孩给他的印象是“很可爱、很聪明、很会说话”,“这个小孩生在这个家庭确实是……我恨不得接过来让我老婆带”。陈先生表示,女孩身上的伤痕有旧伤也有新伤,“法医鉴定过了,没有内伤,都是皮外伤。”高资派出所相关负责人也对现代快报记者表示,经法医鉴定,女孩伤情不重,无内伤。该负责人透露,警方目前调查得知的信息和记者了解到的情况差不多。记者问女孩身上的伤痕是不是亲人造成的,对方声称,不排除家暴的可能。他同时强调,真相还要等待最终的调查结果,届时警方会对外公布。19日下午,高资派出所在网上公开回复称,当天接到110指令:高资职高内幼儿园一小班女童疑似遭受虐待,立即组织警力开展调查,目前相关工作正在进行中。相关的主题文章: