The man quarreled with his wife riding a motorcycle to relax driving leg – in Beijing fell asleep-mia farrow

The man quarreled with his wife riding a motorcycle to relax in fall asleep driving leg – new network in Northeast news network August 30th August 24th 6 am, Gannan County Public Security Bureau police station received the alarm Chahayang a passerby, said in a Qicha road section of the field, a strange man riding a motorcycle fell on the roadside ditch. After receiving the alarm, police Wang Depeng, auxiliary police immediately rushed to the scene of the police, Zhou Changchun. After arriving at the scene, police found the injured due to excessive bleeding has been in a coma, and the right leg has been broken, if not immediately treated, bleeding too much to endanger the lives of men. In order to fight for time, Wang Depeng, Zhou Changchun immediately put the man on the police car, with the fastest speed to check the hospital. On the way, Wang Depeng saw the injured wake up, a simple understanding that the man who lives in the town of La La Nehe, zhang. Immediately, Zhou Changchun while using the phone to contact the injured family, while contact with the hospital emergency department. More than and 20 kilometers away, only ten minutes after the doctor arrived, emergency rescue, the injured has finally turned the corner. Originally, the injured Zhang August 23rd night at home with his wife because of household chores quarrel, early in the morning, he angrily rode a motorcycle to the Inner Mongolia Arong Qi Xingan Xiang son home to relax, the results via Gannan County Chahayang Xiang Shuguang Village Road, he fell asleep in the fast road, they fell under the embankment, it was found that passers-by alarm. (Geng Fanxiu & Zhang Xia, Xu Zhengbin)相关的主题文章: