The maximum penalty of no overlord in tourism enterprises can be punished by 50 thousand yuan —

Tourism enterprises do not delete the terms of overlord can be fined up to 50 thousand yuan, Henan branch network — original title: tourism enterprises do not delete the terms of overlord can be fined up to 50 thousand yuan the reporter from the recently held Guangxi tourism standard contract format in terms of administrative interviews, the meeting was informed that the tourism enterprises use the unfair contract terms of format for illegal behavior, the highest can be fined 50 thousand yuan. In recent years, the contract behavior of tourism enterprises in our district is becoming more and more standardized, and the text of tourism contract is gradually perfected, which can not be separated from the efforts of the operators. However, there are still some problems in the formulation and use of contract terms. Some travel agency is the use of the travel contract model text, but in terms of the contract should be negotiated and fill in the consumer, not standardized, incomplete contract or in the use of self-developed, the rights and obligations stipulated in the contract terms are not clear enough, prone to contract disputes. Some travel agencies arbitrarily changed the terms of the travel contract model. After modifying the main clauses of the contract, they still used the contract model text to mislead consumers. Some of the contract format clauses formulated by some travel agencies contain unfair or unreasonable regulations for consumers, which exclude or restrict consumers’ rights, reduce or exempt operators’ responsibilities, and increase consumers’ responsibilities. The relevant person in charge of the industry and Commerce Bureau of the autonomous region pointed out that although the terms of "overlord" exist on individual operators, their influence is bad, which damages the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, undermines the fair competition market order, and affects the healthy development of the entire tourism market. Tourism enterprises should do well in self examination and self regulation of contract format clauses, comprehensively sort out the contract texts being used, and voluntarily delete clauses that infringe the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, so as to ensure that the contents of contracts are in conformity with the provisions of laws and regulations. (reporter Wu Jiayue) (commissioning editor Hou Linlin and Shang Mingzhen)

旅游企业不删除霸王条款最高可罚5万元–河南分网–人民网 原标题:旅游企业不删除霸王条款最高可罚5万元   记者从近日举行的广西规范旅游业合同格式条款行政约谈会上获悉,旅游企业利用不公平合同格式条款进行违法行为的,最高可罚5万元。   近年来,我区旅游企业合同行为正在日趋规范,旅游合同文本逐渐完善,这与经营者的自身努力分不开。但是,合同格式条款的制订和使用还存在一些问题。   有的旅行社虽使用了旅游合同示范文本,但在填写应与消费者商议的合同条款时,不规范、不完整,或者在使用自行拟定的合同文本时,合同中条款规定的权利和义务不够明确,容易出现合同纠纷。有的旅行社擅自更改旅游合同示范文本条款,将合同示范文本的主要条款进行修改后,仍然标注使用的是合同示范文本,误导消费者。有的旅行社制定的合同格式条款中存在排除或者限制消费者权利、减轻或者免除经营者责任、加重消费者责任等对消费者不公平、不合理的规定,将应当承担的经营风险转嫁给消费者。   自治区工商局相关负责人指出,霸王条款虽然存在于个别经营者身上,但影响恶劣,损害了消费者的合法权益,破坏了公平竞争的市场秩序,影响了整个旅游市场的健康发展。旅游企业要做好合同格式条款的自我检查、自我规范工作,全面梳理正在使用的合同文本,主动删除侵害消费者合法权益的条款,确保使用的合同内容符合法律、法规的规定。(记者 吴家跃) (责编:侯琳琳、尚明桢)相关的主题文章: