The Ministry of environmental protection issued the first exposure behavior research China

The Ministry of environmental protection issued the first exposure behavior research   China children environment; – Politics – in Beijing in September 30, according to the Ministry website news, in order to understand the behavior characteristics of China’s population exposed environment, improve scientific environmental health risk assessment, the environmental protection department in 12th Five-Year for the first time to organize a national large-scale population environmental exposure behavior research. Following the 2014 release of adults (18 years of age and above) research results, the Ministry of Environmental Protection released today to the community children (aged from 0 to 17) environmental exposure behavior model research results. Zou Shoumin, director of the Ministry of environmental protection science and technology standards, environmental pollution is not only related to the concentration and toxicity of environmental pollutants, but also closely related to people’s environmental behavior patterns. Environmental exposure behavior includes four aspects: one is the physiological characteristics of human body, such as height, weight, respiration etc.; two pollutants contact air and water environment, medium frequency, time, ways and means; three is the distribution of pollution sources in the environment of human settlements; four is to prevent exposure to risk behavior the. Zou Shoumin said that the study found that children’s environmental behavior patterns have the following characteristics: first, there are significant differences in age, gender, urban and rural areas and regional differences in the behavior patterns of children’s environmental exposure. In the same age group, the body height, body weight and skin surface area were higher than that of girls, and the urban children were higher than those in rural areas. Two, there is a big difference between the behavior patterns of children’s environmental exposure and adults. From the intake point of view, the unit weight of children breathing is higher than that of adults, 1 to 2 times the adult. Three, there is a big difference between the children’s behavior pattern and the children of the same age group. Outdoor activities, for example, our children in the United States with the same age group of children 0.8 to 4.3 times. Four, our children face the dual pressures of traditional and modern environmental health risks. The survey of 26.8% children, exposure to solid fuels for cooking or heating of indoor air pollution, 12.7% drinking without surface water or groundwater, pit water sanitation infrastructure centralized processing, the main activities 13.6% 1 kilometers around the range in petroleum and petrochemical, coking and other environmental health risk enterprise activities 14.6% within 50 meters around the traffic roads. Five is related to the exposure of children’s environmental health risk and prevention behavior is closely related to the education level of the dependents. Zou Shoumin said, this study from 30 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) of the 55 counties, 165 towns and 316 Street School from 0 to 17 years old children in a total of 75519 people as the object of investigation, investigation was carried out from October 2013 to March 2014. There was no statistical difference between the population and age structure of the population in 2010 and the sixth national census. In order to ensure the quality, this study developed a unified quality control scheme, set up three national and provincial and county level quality control network, the implementation of strict quality control of the key link, the questionnaire response rate was 97.2%, the questionnaire response rate was 99)相关的主题文章: