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The name of the way we E-sports games from how far? The United States on August 13th at midnight, Baoqiang Wang saw the news of divorce. This is Saturday 12 midnight news, so many entertainment media reporters have to climb up from the bed to the office overtime schedule, and even micro-blog stars don’t ask all of you in the middle of the night and the rest released on such a shocking news, a way out to the front of reporters. But what we are going to talk about today is the news that the game is completely covered up by the derailment. Chinese gaming clan wings winning Ti6 became the sixth DOTA2 International Invitational championship. Won the $9 million reward. So a no less than Olympic gold for the news, but was overshadowed by the star wife derailed. Not to mention the Rio Olympics at the same time. Then the audience more news, so we can not help but think of an old topic – how far away from the Olympic Games? The vigorous development of E-sports in recent years has been the rapid development of electronic sports, in the marketing and promotion of a penguin factory, the term electronic sports has gradually been recognized by the community. More and more people begin to learn the concept of electronic athletics from all circles, face more and more cybersports players will gradually move toward everyone, all kinds of documentary and micro film is also to promote people’s concept of electronic games. Electronic sports recognized by the reason of course, grew up playing video games, our generation has gradually controlled the community. Although there are still millions of people think video games are great scourges, still think the electronic games will bring bad effects to the people, but rather than playing games and playing games will lead to the shooting to shock treatment time than now, far better. Of course, this and the community gradually began to see the opportunity to have an inevitable link from e-sports. In short, one thing can become a tool to make money, the parties want to divide the wealth of people will naturally make money to allow more recognition of the community, thereby expanding their own money to make the audience. Take the 2015 "Heroes League" S5 game. The total number of live viewing of the finals has reached 36 million, from Paris to the various stages of the game in Berlin, the total length of time to watch the game in real time has reached a total of 360 million hours, is S4’s 194 million hours. This huge data is sufficient to prove that the number of E-sports is rapidly increasing the number of audiences, but also means that the relevant games, live video, live tickets and a series of surrounding business opportunities. At the same time also last year launched Wanda cinema cinema to watch the final business, a time of cinema tickets sold out, it is a grand occasion. There is even a good thing to do a comparison, according to CNN reports, the player can get about 170 thousand yuan bonus after winning the Olympic gold medal, silver and bronze respectively is 100 thousand and 66 thousand yuan, and these are pre tax data. In contrast, the amount of E-sports players after winning the Olympic Games will be much higher than the bonus, the 2016 Halo World Championship championship prize is 1 million 660 thousand yuan. Nearly ten times.相关的主题文章: