The night man in sheets covering his face and went to the shop cashier

The night man in sheets covering his face and went to the shop cashier theft said "on the night, the enemy within", the teacher Peter heard last month, Wenzhou Economic Development Zone Haicheng street, a billiard room, was "guzei" patronize. Here it is: can the sheets walk? "The thief" to patronize! Disguise again bother, eventually will be exposed. August 4th morning, 9 am, after the District Public Security Bureau Haicheng police station received an alarm call, called a billiard room in the area stolen. The cashier and bar counter of the billiard room were pried, 1000 cash in the cashier and more than 10 cigarettes stored in the cabinet were missing. Police monitoring found that at 2:50 am the same day, there was a "walking" sheet in the picture, went straight to the cashier…… Police said, monitoring shows that the thief has been wearing sheets go, can not see the face. The thief seems to be very familiar with the location of the surveillance, and the theft is also purposeful. Presumably, this thief is guzei "". After investigation, billiards room leaving staff, 29 years old Tian was locked. September 19th afternoon, 4 am, the police in a rental room in Ruian arrested tian. Originally, the Hunan man Tian Tian resigned after July, idle, and moved to steal the old boss’s crooked mind. "I know the cashier will put some spare money, and I want to steal it."." Tian said, in order to prevent being photographed, he brought special sheets, head and body covered. At present, Tian Mou has been detained by the police for suspected theft.

深夜里男子披着被单遮住脸 直奔商店收银台盗窃都说“日防夜防,家贼难防”,老师伯听说,上月温州经开区海城街道的一家台球室,就被“家贼”光顾了。这正是:被单能走路?“家贼”来光顾!伪装再费心,终究会暴露。8月4日早上9时许,经开区公安分局海城派出所民警接到报警电话,称辖区内一家台球室被盗。出事台球室的收银台及吧台柜子被撬,收银台里的1000余元现金和存放在柜子里的10多条香烟不见了。民警调取监控发现,当天凌晨2时50分许,画面中竟出现了一条会“行走”的被单,直奔收银台……民警说,监控显示,窃贼一直披着被单走,根本看不到脸。窃贼好像对监控的位置非常熟悉,行窃也很有目的性。据此推测,这贼可能是“家贼”。经排查,台球室离职员工,29岁的田某被锁定。9月19日下午4时许,民警在瑞安一出租房将田某抓获。原来,湖南籍男子田某7月份辞职后,游手好闲,就动起了偷老东家的歪心思。“我知道收银台会放一些备用金,就想去偷点。”田某说,为防止被监控拍到,他特地带了被单,将头和身体蒙住。目前,田某因涉嫌盗窃已被警方刑事拘留。相关的主题文章: