The Ninth Chinese Bridge high school game ended the German team won the title –

The Ninth "Chinese Bridge" high school game ended the German team won the title – Beijing, China News Agency, Kunming (reporter Zhang Dan) in October 29, the Ninth "Chinese Bridge" world middle school Chinese competition finals on the evening of 29 in Kunming. After fierce competition, the German team all the way through, with super strength on dial. China words in order to learn the game, friends all over the world "as the theme, 181 players at turning from 89 countries, 109 overseas preliminary, to participate in the semi-finals, the final qualification Chinese. In Chinese 17 days, all the contestants after "Chinese – Chinese cultural knowledge and China written", "the gift of the gab – spoken contest, and the talent competition", "one intercontinental qualifier" four games of the competition, ten teams from five continents with a total of 20 players the outstanding performance of talent shows itself in the finals. The "know China flying dream finals is brilliant, the players are all in china. In the first round of "Wuzhou hegemony", they put the Yunnan Mengzi bridge noodle origin, Daguanlou Talak, Chinese family in the philosophy of interpretation perfectly. From Malawi two players played with two brothers. The beauty of life in exchange for the regular rotation of the lonely legend, moved the audience. The last round of "dream story", the players share their learning Chinese story, they have the same Chinese love, also with different Chinese dream. People want to be a diplomat, transfer and China friendship; there are people who want to be a dancer, flying in the Chinese earth dancing; some people want to become a teacher to teach Chinese, let more foreign students feel the charm of Chinese. Affected by the mother, 17 year old German player Pang Kailing has a strong Chinese complex since childhood. "My mother once in China study, my sister and I often listen to her for the twists and turns of the the Great Wall, the magnificent the Imperial Palace, let us see the Manchu cheongsam, Miao cloud ornaments, Shaanxi folk paper-cut etc.." Pang Kailing said that the Chinese Bridge let her know the power of language, she wants to travel more countries, learn more knowledge, and then returned to China to start a school, to share knowledge to more people. In the final of the evening, Pang Kailing’s sister, Pang Antong, came to cheer for her sister. Pang Antong in 2014, the seventh "Chinese Bridge" Chinese high school students in the world competition for the German team won the championship, and won the first prize. After two rounds of competition, the German team again won the game. Pang Kailing to pronounce pronunciation and good expression ability, and team Burma Yang Zi Han, the British team won the first prize of individual comprehensive Su kui. (end)相关的主题文章: