The non aligned movement summit closing Singapore against false arbitration to mention the South Chi

The non aligned movement summit closing Singapore against false arbitration to mention the South China Sea map information: seventeenth Nam summit concluded the original title: the non aligned movement summit closing Singapore against false arbitration to mention the South China Sea seventeenth Nam Summit (NAM) in Venezuela in September 18th closing, the meeting adopted the guiding movement in future 3 years of development of the "Margarita Island declaration". However, according to the "Global Times" reporter to informed participants of the multi understand, in the process of consultation documents, Singapore has insisted that Philippines Nanhai arbitration into the endorsement of the contents, an attempt to strengthen the outcome document of the South China Sea involving content, due to a number of countries clearly oppose failed. The non aligned movement was born in 1961, held a meeting every 3 years, reflecting the small and medium-sized countries to get rid of the great powers of control, the will to pursue independence, has been trying to maintain the influence of the world’s major situation. The summit was held in Venezuela’s Margarita island in the Caribbean, there are 120 members of the non aligned movement of the United States, the observer countries and the organization of the 10 observers to participate in the thousands of representatives of the 17. Informed sources told the "Global Times" reporter said, in the negotiation process, there are many countries speak clearly opposed to strengthen the South China Sea involving content, the representative of Singapore was flustered, to oppose his attempts to state the position in the debate about taunt, even less, on behalf of the position of justice on the country’s malicious attacks. Not only that, in the foreign ministers’ meeting and after Singapore’s continuous open challenge as chairman of New problems crop up unexpectedly., Venezuela’s ruling, again by many countries clearly oppose. Many delegates expressed dissatisfaction with Singapore’s solidarity with the non aligned movement and the public challenge to the non aligned movement decision-making process and practices. Singapore out of self-interest, repeatedly entangled in consultations and meetings, many delays the progress of the meeting to the night, also aroused resentment. China Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang said on the 20, the non aligned movement is an important symbol of developing joint self-reliance, played an important role in safeguarding world peace and promoting common development. China is an observer of the non aligned movement. We always support the purpose and principles of the non aligned movement, and attach importance to the important role of the non aligned movement in international affairs. He said, we will firmly support the movement play a greater role in international affairs, and continuously expand and deepen with the movement of the traditional friendship, expand mutually beneficial cooperation with other developing countries, and continue to stand together, to safeguard the common interests of developing countries, to build a new type of international relations, cooperation and win-win as the core to create a community of destiny human beings make unremitting efforts. In 2015, Singapore became the successor Thailand China ASEAN Relations "coordination", for a period of three years. But in July this year, the so-called Philippines v. China Nanhai arbitration results released after the Singapore eye popping performance. Singapore is not the South China Sea dispute, but in addition to Vietnam, Philippines, ASEAN countries, only Singapore clearly expressed the recognition of the so-called arbitration results. When China and ASEAN countries did not mention the relevant words of the South China Sea during the foreign ministers’ meeting, the prime minister Li Xianlong visited the United states.相关的主题文章: