The old man rode three rounds of red light traffic crash, the car left headlights hit badly-thinkpad s230u

The old man riding a tricycle red light car crash left headlight smashed the scene of the accident in October 29th, the construction of Zhengzhou Road, about sixty year old man riding a tricycle and turn left, and accidentally ran a red light and a white Chevrolet sedan collision, Chevrolet car emergency brake, although the front part is damaged, but fortunately no injuries. 29, about 2:30 in the afternoon, reporters rushed to the scene of the accident at the Jianshe Road workers, see the road east to West parked in the fast lane on a white Chevrolet sedan, the car on the left side of a fully loaded electric tricycle carriage rubbing against the front of the car right, car front bumper and the left headlight smashed. The old man riding a tricycle sitting on the street. Witnesses said the electric tricycle is by road workers left to Jianshe Road to go west, for running a red light and East West Line accidentally Chevy collision occurred accident, fortunately, the driver of the car quickly stopped the car in time, otherwise the consequences be unbearable to contemplate. Subsequently, the Chevrolet car hit 110 alarm area, two traffic police brigade police quickly rushed to the scene of the accident. Because the red light turn left when the accident that riding old man, agreed to negotiate with car owners compensation. According to the Chevrolet owners to introduce 1 headlights and bumper light car repaired at least 6000 yuan, but also did not continue to buy auto insurance has expired. The young man owners also sympathy money is not easy, negotiated by both parties, the old man finally for Chevrolet owners 1000 yuan repairs. Chevrolet owners said: "in fact, 1000 yuan repairs can not buy what live, the most important thing is nothing like people, but also hope that through the traffic accident, let us remember to comply with traffic regulations."

老人骑三轮闯红灯撞车 轿车左前大灯被撞烂事故现场10月29日,在郑州建设路上,一年约六旬老汉骑电动三轮车左拐弯时,因闯红灯不慎与一辆白色雪弗兰轿车发生擦碰事故,雪弗兰车紧急刹车,虽车头部分受损,但幸无人员受伤。29日下午2点30分左右,记者赶到建设路工人路口的事故现场,看到该路口东向西快车道上停着一辆白色雪弗兰轿车,轿车左侧一辆满载货物的电动三轮车右货厢擦碰到轿车车头部分,轿车前保险杠和左前大灯被撞烂。骑三轮车的老汉坐在马路上。现场目击者说,电三轮是由工人路左拐弯到建设路向西走,因闯红灯不慎与东向西直行的雪弗兰轿车发生擦碰事故,幸亏轿车司机反应快及时刹住车,否者后果不堪设想。随后,雪弗兰轿车车主打110报警,辖区交警二大队民警很快赶到现场处理事故。骑车老汉承认因闯红灯左拐弯时出事故,同意跟轿车车主协商赔偿。据雪弗兰车主介绍,光轿车的1个大灯和保险杠修好至少得6000元,但是车险已到期还没续买。年轻车主也同情老汉挣钱不容易,经双方现场协商,老汉最终赔偿雪弗兰车主1000元修车费。雪弗兰车主说:“其实1000元修车费也买不住啥,最重要的是人没事就好,同时也希望通过这次交通事故,让大家谨记要时刻遵守交通法规。”相关的主题文章: