The Orangemen arrived in Shenyang training strictly confidential around not to see the Red

The Orangemen arrived in Shenyang around the red curtain training strictly confidential and not to see the country full of training base in Shenyang Phoenix sports news Beijing on September 3rd news, the Orangemen in the opener 2-3 lost to South Korea, will usher in the second opponents in the next week, Shenyang sits against the visiting team Iran home court. The key meaning of even higher than the first, therefore, the national football training strictly confidential, not to see the red curtains around. The 12 match, the Orangemen in logistics, training and other aspects have done very well, the first South Korean team, the Orangemen still lost the fight to the last. At the time when Seoul training, China based to closed training, only open to the media for ten minutes, but because of the Seoul World Cup Stadium field without any block, is on the side of a hill, so the media on the sidelines watched the whole national football training. The Sino Korean War, the Orangemen in systems or beyond many people’s surprise, but including Zheng Zhi retreat and other technical and tactical aspects of things early exposure, when in fact the match has not too many secrets. Lost to South Korea after the current situation, the Orangemen can only say that in general, if the home court team lost to Iran, want to get the top two will be very difficult, and therefore the opener against Iran are compared, home court must take the pressure. Back to the home court, the Orangemen naturally have more careful deployment, in order to prevent the leakage of tactics they used red curtains, will train a barbed wire fence was completely surrounded, so it is difficult to see outside the specific content of the training, help Gao Hongbo tactical exercises, focus is to prepare for the war in Iraq will come. (Ai Ma)相关的主题文章: