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Jewelry-Diamonds A lot of lucky amulets that we use to attract fortune and success originally .e from distant lands. And rarely do we realize what long and rich history they have witnessed. Many years ago Sri Lanka was trembled with wars and armed revolts. After all, it was conquered by a powerful king who was believed to keep the sacred remnants of Lord Buddha. The king was to visit his new lands so he headed for a long trip. But first he ordered his two sons – Jatukam and Ramathep – to guard the relics. The king departed and his rivals decided that it was the time to win the remnants over. And the princes took a decision to bring them to Sri Lanka but they failed, having been caught by a storm. The ship went down, the crew drowned and only the princes managed to survive. They were .pletely helpless, didn’t have the way to leave the inhabited island, all they could do was to prey to their holly patron. Little by little they built a temple – Wat Mahathat, which slowly grew into a prosperous city which is nowadays located in Southern Thailand. New generations didn’t forget the great deeds of the princes, they believed them to be their patrons and gradually two princes grew into one saint patron – Tao Jatukam Ramathep. There are a number of other versions on where the roots of Jatukam Ramathep and Jatukam amulets go to. One of them states that he was a king that ruled in a .pletely different era. Still other states that the name belonged to that renowned king himself and his sons don’t have connection with it. Whoever the sacred person was, he wanted to pass some of its good to other people. So he created special amulets with amazing power to attract wealth, luck, and happiness. Jatukam amulets are extremely popular due to their "luck-drawing" effect. This led to numerous replicas made all round the world, which negatively affects the manufacturers of genuine amulets. They decided to protect themselves and adopted a number of regulations. According to them every lucky amulet should be registered at first place, with the mentioning of the material used, quantity of amulets manufactured and data on the blessing procedure. The latter by the way is to be done at Mahathat Worra Maha Wiharn or the Holy Pillar Shrine only. Only their Jatukam amulets are believed to possess their incredible power of bringing luck, prosperity, and fame. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: