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The people of Chengdu for the Mid Autumn Festival holiday the new museum opened in front of Changlong zhongxinwangzhongxinwang – in September 15 Chengdu Xinhua (reporter Xu Yang?) on the 15 day, the first day of the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, part of the citizens of Chengdu city or to visit relatives and friends, or go to the surrounding area, but there are a lot of people have found a new place to vacation, Chengdu Museum in the city zone. Outside the exhibition hall of the the Imperial Palace creative product area. Xu Yang? She Chengdu Museum officially opened on the same day. The Chengdu museum is the western region’s largest city museum, located in the west of Tianfu Square, covers an area of about 17 acres, divided into two parts of North and South Building, the total construction area of about 65 thousand square meters. The whole building is 5 floors on the ground, the ground floor of the 4 layers, including the exhibition Chen District, heritage reservoir, public activity area, office area and other functional areas. The museum began trial operation in June this year, and open to the public. Exhibition site. Xu Yang, before I heard that the new Chengdu Museum has a lot of artifacts, while the Mid Autumn Festival, with a child to take a look at." Chengdu resident Shao Wei said, plus before to see the Emperor Qianlong exhibition museum press, "so the whole family, old and young have come, but did not think there are so many people." The exhibition is to watch the visitors dressed in Chinese clothes. Photo by Zhong Xin at 15 pm, to visit people in the queue at the museum front, and topped the list length limit. In order to let people have a more comfortable experience of the exhibition, in order to ensure the safety of cultural relics museum, take temporary measures to limit the flow. Relevant person in charge told reporters in Chengdu Museum, the "prosperous emperor – Qing Emperor Qianlong emperor Exhibition" planned for 16 days will officially open to the public, but the people of Chengdu is too warm, so the exhibition is open to the public in advance for two hours. When the gate of the museum was opened and the visitors were allowed to enter in batches, there was a burst of applause. Reporters on the scene, not only a long queue outside the museum, the exhibition site is crowded. "It’s so beautiful! I’ve never been so close to the national treasure!" Liu Xiaoxia from Sichuan, Mianyang, she was a friend and friends to go shopping in Chengdu. When he learned that the museum had an exhibition from the Imperial Palace, Liu Xiaoxia and his friends changed the plan at once. "I’ve always wanted to go to the Imperial Palace, but it’s not always right. But today in Chengdu can be a feast for the eyes, still very excited." Liu Xiaoxia said she hoped that in the near future, they can personally go to the Imperial Palace to experience the profound history left by our ancestors. Exhibition site. It is reported by Xu Yang?, "prosperous emperor – Qing Emperor Qianlong emperor Exhibition" 16 will be officially open to the public free of charge, for a period of two months. The exhibition featured the the Imperial Palace Museum and is closely related to the cultural relics of Emperor Qianlong 119 sets, involving multiple fields of politics, economy, culture, military, art, for the audience to fully display the emperor as the quite and far-reaching impact on future generations of emperors. Outside the exhibition hall has also set up a special the Imperial Palace creative product area, visitors can purchase a variety of cultural and creative products in the Imperial Palace. According to statistics, in September 15th, the Chengdu Museum received a total of 2 visitors相关的主题文章: