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The planet, tile attitude mosque watcher – Sohu tourism Author: Simon · ovun (Simon Urwin): Lonely Planet Traveller is a regular contributor to. Simon said, a tile Afghan mosque is the most beautiful building in the Islamic world, he had visited Kabul (Kabul), Bamiyan (Bamiyan), Herat (Herat) and Mazari Sharif (Mazar-e Sharif), has also been to afghanistan. The pace of this period we follow Simon came to the mosque, explore more deeply the burdened with numerous misinformation and confused state. A 800 year old mosque in Herat, Afghanistan, on Friday. Here is one of the oldest tile factories in the world. > > when he came to the mosque in Herat (Friday Mosque), Simon discovered the tile factory. In the dark smoke production workshop, a light beam from the roof of the hole pouring down. Put the red clay into the mold and dry in the sun. > > here he met Omid · Karimi (Omid Karimi) — the production of ceramic tiles for religious and historical buildings of small workshops. Some buildings have been damaged due to the earthquake and constant conflict. In addition, the alternation between winter and summer sunburn also makes people always on the mosque outside tile repair. Omid · Karimi is drawing a piece of decorative tiles. > > like many Afghans, Omid likes to sit down and drink green tea while chatting. When Taliban was in control of Afghanistan, Omid was forced to leave the school, in order to support his family, he went into the production of ceramic tile industry. If none of these tragic events happened, perhaps he would not have found that he loved the industry so much. Omid’s tiles are engraved with proverbs. > > Omid is now one of the most famous artists of his time, and he is very proud of his own work of art, as well as an incredible humility. He made the tiles as a form of worship. He said: "when I die, the next generation will not know who I am, but they can witness my legacy and move it." Like everyone else Simon met, he was tired of war, religious extremism, and negative headlines, just to live in peace. Mazari Sharif is located in the Harz, Ali Mosque (Hazrat Ali), also known as Blue Mosque (Blue Mosque). The mosque is covered with blue and green tiles, and it is believed that it can withstand the evil eye. > > for Simon, taking these photos gives him the opportunity to share a different side of the country with the reader, who has a rich artistic and cultural heritage, and is able to tell people about it.相关的主题文章: