The Power Of Social Media In Breaking A

Security The power of twitter which allows you to send out 140 characters at one go cannot be undermined with the small number of characters it allows you to send out into the virtual world. We have seen some international stories being broken by Twitter that held people all across the world in awe. Twitter is meant for sharing you update with your followers and keep them abreast with whats going in your mind but of late twitter has come up as the best thing to know about the happenings in a certain geographical area if you are following someone from that area and the person is an avid user of Social Media. In recent times we experienced the breaking of the news from Pakistan by twitter user about the death of the World’s most wanted Terrorist Osama Bin Laden. This was between the time the White House launched a late night press conference to allow the world to know what had happened in the Asian Subcontinent. Earlier a person from Pakistan broke the news on twitter and later it was the turn of Keith Urbahn to tell the world via his twitter account that he had been informed of Osama’s death by a reputable person. The Hudson River crash was reported with pictures to the whole world by people who reached the site of the crash and started the evacuation process. This news became an example how social media websites can break a news breaking the geographical constraints and bringing help to people who need it the most at the time of distress. The Royal Wedding in England was yet another hot favorite on the micro blogging superstar. Users had all access to what the dresses would be like and what food would be served at what time. It was a sort of running commentary with thousands of updates in a single hour. The floods in Australia were another reason for those addicted to twitter to like it as people were able to contact one another even when the mobile networks were down and there was no way to contact the ones whom you cared the most. Smartphones giving the access to these social media websites have added to the spread of these sites and have given an impetus to the status updates and any kind of sharing one wants to d with their so called followers or friends. Celebrity status is now measured in terms of the number of followers one has on twitter and elections to premier positions have become yet another reason to use them extensively. Thus the power of social media in terms of twitter and facebook is to stay in our lives for a long time lest see what the future has in store for these social networking portals. You can learn more about Digital media and marketing company, social media management service and Social Media Consultant, by visiting – Article Source:- About the Author: 相关的主题文章: