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The practice of "the power of the calligrapher": 36 pounds of cotton yarn when the brush (Figure) – Beijing, Zhang Guisheng is the creation of giant pen calligraphy (Tian for photo) Sichuan online news (reporter Yu Rubo) August 27th at noon, Chengdu Jinli Street tourists. Naozhongqujing "Jinli Street press", the French painter Mark is the owner of this giant, calligrapher Zhang Guisheng excitedly. In 2015, Mark from a friend came across Zhang Guisheng’s giant pen calligraphy, curiously came to visit from France to make light of travelling a thousand li, this is two people in Chengdu Art Exchange again. At the beginning of this year, "100 Sichuan" released "from" Zhang Guisheng to the junkmen calligrapher, former British Prime Minister Tony Cameron gift book "peace" two words, as well as more and more people know. From the beginning to now practicing calligraphy "giant strokes", Zhang Guisheng paid unimaginable efforts. A giant brush used by Zhang Guisheng (Tian Wei photo) red mud water waste paper, have giant calligrapher calligrapher studio with many similar, "Jinli Street bookstore" is also filled with the "scholar’s four jewels", but the size is much larger. The reporter filed a brush pen, and the thickness of a gastropod arm, about a few pounds of weight estimate. Zhang Guisheng used to writing the word does not wash pen, brush must maintain toughness in this condition, so the texture is even rayon horsehair, ox hair instead of wool or wool, weasel. The conventional pen method obviously can not handle this brush, Zhang Guisheng usually hold pen, with ink and then drag on the paper, at the foot of the changing range to complete writing. He is not the ink ink ingot, but dozens of ink box store, every time he poured out more than and 10 bottles of creation. Other tools are monstrous, 10 cm square seal, inkpad box plate size, are used in the works on the seal. And behind Zhang Guisheng’s calligraphy road is very difficult. "Because the less poor, a family of six living in a dozen square meters of the house, then I can’t live, father of bricks, felt these materials built a picture, and sometimes I sleep in." Zhang Guisheng said that due to limited family income, and sometimes after school had to write a slow bar, 4 children take turns paying tuition". For Zhang Guisheng, was the greatest pleasure in life is to write. "From the small blackboard, the posters are my responsibility." Can not afford to buy ink and paper, and Zhang Guisheng took the red mud soaked in water, even in the waste paper on the ground of writing. No calligraphy teacher guidance, he borrowed a copybook, repeated copying until in mind. All kinds of calligraphy exhibition held in Chengdu, Zhang Guisheng will take the time to go to watch, learn, learn from the older generation of calligraphers who nutrition. Zhang Guisheng’s pen and ink basin. (Tian Wei photo) sand book training arm strength, 36 pounds of cotton when brush later, Zhang Guisheng economic pressure relief, can put more time and energy to improve the art of calligraphy. "There is a saying in the calligraphy circles, which is called" a good paper, three thousand waste paper ". I am a good paper, and a waste paper of thirty thousand." Zhang Guisheng noted that in addition to the "list", "Chinese characters" for traditional calligraphy writing is not of particular concern. Some.相关的主题文章: