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The recent Shanghai Quality Supervision checks 4 kinds of commodity packaging etc. the voidage unqualified [baiqueling Xinmin · the latest report of Shanghai Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau held the third quarter of this year will be on the press conference today, spokesman Shen Weimin introduced, the quality supervision department recently for the sales of cakes, chocolate, candy, cosmetics the commodity packing supervision, including Shanghai baiqueling Daily Chemical Co. Ltd. the second branch of the skin whitening cream production, Shanghai senfengyuan bees limited production of honey and gift Shanghai Tong supplies limited distribution of light import Grant premium coffee gift, this three product packaging voidage is pumped to the unqualified. Meanwhile, the quality supervision departments also released the latest risk monitoring report, mainly related to yoga mat products. According to reports, many people now buy yoga mat, it will be used as an outdoor camping mat, children play pad use. However, at present, there is no corresponding product standard in the domestic market, and the products in the market are based on their own enterprise standards. Businesses are promoting products for non-toxic, safe and environmentally friendly products, consumers face a wide range of yoga mats on the market, it is not clear how to choose a truly safe and environmentally friendly yoga mat. In order to assess the quality and safety of yoga mat products, the city quality and technical supervision of the city (including network sales) of yoga mat products to carry out quality and safety risk monitoring. CPSC-CH-E1002-08.3:2012 (test method using non metallic lead content in children’s products on the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission testing laboratory) "children’s non metal products in the total lead content determination of standard operating procedures," EN 1122:2001 "plastics – Determination of cadmium content – wet decomposition method," GB T 22048-2008 "PVC toys and children’s products plastic two phthalic acid ester plasticizer and the determination of" ISO 12219-2:2012 "(E) Standard Test Method for volatile organic compounds – automotive interiors and material bag law" method, the total lead on the yoga mat content, total cadmium content, phthalate ester content of two formic acid and total volatile organic compounds four projects risk monitoring. The risk monitoring of a total of 30 batches of samples were collected from the city entity sales and online shop. Found in the risk monitoring of four items: the total of 30 batches of lead content, yoga mat products all meet the requirements of total cadmium content of 9 batches of products; yoga mat phthalate two formic acid ester content does not meet the requirements; 30 batches of yoga mat products are volatile organic compounds. Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision has the risk monitoring results inform production enterprises, distribution enterprises and the local quality supervision departments, and urge enterprises to standardize production, enhance product quality control, process improvement, reduce or eliminate the risk of product quality and safety. Meanwhile, the city of quality and technical supervision of the product quality and safety risk information yoga mat report aqsiq. (Xinmin Evening News Xinmin Xiao Junwei) consumer tips: the quality supervision departments to remind consumers in the selection and use of yoga mat, should pay attention to look and smell". 1. Yoga mat products can not guarantee the degree相关的主题文章: