The road leading out of the endogenous innovation (adjust the structure to the way, the National Hig

The road leading out of the endogenous innovation (structure adjustment to the National High-tech Zone for research?) – Politics – in the field of metamaterials, Shenzhen KPS patents over the past 10 years, the whole world is for 86% of the total; Xinjiang innovation has occupied the consumer level UAVs 70% share of the global market; Sophie science and technology successfully developed the world’s most frivolous, can be directly used for color flexible display intelligent terminal etc……. A technology of "good" for segments of the championship in the independent innovation arena, they belong to a "team" — Shenzhen high tech Zone: it accounts for 0.5% of Shenzhen City area, created 9.6% of the city’s GDP, the secret of "innovation is two words". 11.5 square kilometers area gathered nearly 8000 high-tech enterprises, 450 thousand employees; high-tech product output value accounted for the proportion of the total industrial output value of more than 90%, and independent intellectual property products output value of more than 70% total output value of high-tech products. By 1996, was approved by National Science Committee, Shenzhen Industrial Park will be more than the integration of "Shenzhen high tech Industrial park". At that time, the development of high-tech zones in the country is in full swing. "Most other high-tech zones have good internal resources, and Shenzhen hi tech Zone, a" a tiny area ‘, more can make use of the advantages of open, attract external resources." Shenzhen branch deputy director Li Zhiyuan said. A typical example is the Shenzhen Institute of Tsinghua University, it is the first "school cooperation" model of scientific research institutions, Tsinghua University relies on the rich research resources of industrialization in Shenzhen. The Institute has set up a total of more than 1 thousand and 500 high-tech enterprises, founded and invested in high-tech enterprises and listed companies in the top 20. Introduction from abroad is the common path of many high-tech zones in the early stage of development. Today, the Shenzhen high tech Zone has walked out of a road ahead in innovation model: from investment to internal cultivation, from imitation to follow the source of innovation, formed a unique, modern, rooted in the soil of Shenzhen high-tech enterprise group. Unmanned aerial vehicle with a high-definition camera, can be 360 degrees shooting? At that time, the university has not graduated interns Chen Yiqi boldly put forward their own solutions. Because of this idea, Chen won the Xinjiang innovation a 100 person technical team and R & D funds 50 million yuan, two years later, the first frame with deformation of 360 degree angle of high-definition camera function UAV advent. Xinjiang to give young people the opportunity to innovate, Shenzhen hi tech Zone to the innovation of the soil of Xinjiang, in 2014, Xinjiang received 14 million yuan of innovative funds in Shenzhen. Why endogenous innovation can stimulate the "field force"? Li Zhiyuan said, Shenzhen hi tech Zone to the development of science and technology innovation enterprises to create a relaxed and orderly environment. The government is to create a good environment, according to the law, the remaining mainly by the market to configure resources. Here to the enterprise, the biggest feature is the government only thing, other things are handed over to the market, will not intervene; at the same time, the government support, especially support research funding is adequate, is in place, including the peacock plan as the representative of the people)相关的主题文章: