The second session of the Zhejiang health fair industry event to lead the development of the health face gossip

The second Zhejiang Expo: health industry event leading the healthy development of the industry upgrade – Beijing, Beijing, Hangzhou, September 22 (Xie Panpan tuyi) health industry has become one of the seven trillion level industry after the information economy in Zhejiang province. To promote the healthy development of Zhejiang province industry "pacesetter" — the second Zhejiang International Health Industry Expo (hereinafter referred to as the health fair) will be held October 20-22 in Zhejiang held in Hangzhou. In September 22nd, the organizer of the health service industry in Zhejiang province will promote the relevant responsible person said, at that time, Congress is bound to once again become the industry to promote the practice of industrial take-off dream healthy in Zhejiang Province, the health industry entered a "golden age" of important power. Health fair organized by the Zhejiang Provincial Health Planning Commission, the Zhejiang provincial development and Reform Commission, Zhejiang Provincial Commission by letter, CO sponsored by the Zhejiang Provincial Health Services Association and other four units. 14 activities for a period of three days of the General Assembly will include the Zhejiang international summit industry forum, open field medical enterprises image gallery, museum, city hall project, international and Hong Kong and Macao four pavilions, is expected to attract from Japan, the United States and Canada in the world at least 8 countries and regions, more than 150 exhibitors to participate, to show the audience a thousand new display industry feast. Its coverage of the project, the larger the scale of the event, will be far more than the 2015 held health fair. Compared with last year, Jian Bo will have more inheritance, innovation and development. And 2015 health fair is the same, all kinds of forums is still the health fair on the big star". Which have to mention is the Zhejiang International Health Industry Summit forum. This year, Zhejiang Province Planning Commission Director Yang Jing, Queensland will join the Australian health minister, Li Lanjuan, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering China Mayo IT chairman terminal Technology Department of MarkHenderson from health, medicine, investment institutions and other industry experts, leaders and guests together, will be "health industry and medical wisdom" the common theme, the focus of economic new normal background, opportunities and challenges facing the health industry, and how to "Internet plus" and the people’s livelihood with a hot topic, and makes a comprehensive and in-depth discussion. In the model will do, this year’s Health Expo will have a bold innovation. One of the most bright spot is the first held in the 2016 Zhejiang provincial hospital. The fair will be the first collaboration with the Zhejiang Provincial Hospital Association, jointly organized by the Zhejiang provincial hospital in 2016. The General Assembly will be adhering to the "build a platform for exchanges and cooperation, and promote the development of hospital reform," the purpose of the "quality, performance, service, innovation," the theme of. The hospital conference of the ad hoc a main forum and six sub forum, content design on health care, hospital management and other hot closely. Then, the president of the general assembly, Ma Weihang Zhu Yaochuan, President of the Zhejiang province and the major hospitals and related responsible persons will be in attendance, the three doctors linkage, "Internet plus", the quality and performance of the health industry, and other topics of discussion. Zhu Yaochuan, President of the Zhejiang Provincial Health Service Association, said he was confident, "Zhejiang is one of China’s comprehensive health care reform pilot provinces, I believe that" Zhejiang experience "will be given to the participants相关的主题文章: