The sparrow on Zhang Luyi and Li Yifeng think these young idol learning culture ca1810

"The sparrow" on   Zhang Luyi and Li Yifeng think: these young idol learning culture original title: Zhang Luyi: don’t think when the idol type "sparrow" stills as acting Zhang Luyi recent "walk" some people scratching their heads: most of the actors go idol route, then send the transformation the moment to acting, graduated from the Central Academy of Drama director, active in the early stage, in the "red" and "mother will marry" in the difficult role after steady strength column Zhang Luyi, recently began to take idol drama, and popular niche together in "gate", "nine nine sky" other hit network drama, Zhang Luyi which was also the model reached the peak value of the "Yan said". However, Zhang Luyi denied the idol route to go. With the launch of Hunan TV last night Spy Drama "sparrow", Luyi Zhang also told reporters about his years in performing on the journey. Because the word decided to play the part "sparrow" is based on the original novel writer Matt Spy Drama revolution, mainly about Li Yifeng’s deep Chen lurking in the Wang puppet headquarters chief agent Bi Zhongliang side, codenamed "sparrow" appointed by workers of the secret message, the success of "stealing" puppet government "the story of zero plan. The actor Bi Zhongliang is Luyi zhang. When it comes to take "sparrow" in mind, start their own in the absence of Luyi Zhang said, read the novel and see all the script, first see Introduction synopsis and character, of which Bi Zhongliang is an artful, extremely cruel and merciless, do not to swear not to use unscrupulous divisive tactics, they figure, a word is Luyi Zhang. The outline of the last line in the figure, this is described as: "there is a sense of family responsibility, is to love his wife, wife can pay all even life". Because of this sentence, I saw this person may have many different aspects of life." Zhang Luyi said, read the script and novels of this character have a deeper understanding: "Bi Zhongliang is not a man of faith, the only faith is his wife, he felt he could live a good life is very satisfied in a wife, in order to let the family have a good, no matter he is killed or arrested the Communist Party, what things can be done." So the Bi Zhongliang is clear, and in the working state of the actual use unscrupulous divisive tactics: "when he chose the puppet No. 76 on the ship, the ship, the ship will make travel smoothly, only the ship has been running steadily, he can live a good life, protect your family…… One day, when the ship sinks, he will find another ship." Zhang Luyi said that Bi Zhongliang’s family responsibility is the core of power behavior, hope that through their own interpretation, the audience is simple good and evil to the wrong judgment on Bi Zhongliang not, but rooted in the character of the starting point, he will not completely understood as a pure villain. In order to play Bi Zhongliang more accurately, Zhang Luyi in the "sparrow" before filming fattening nearly 20 pounds, but the script does not explicitly require the shape of the character, Zhang Luyi explained that the role and contemporary people, has the ability and conditions to "eat well, drink well,)相关的主题文章: