The spy alliance change file 11.30 across three shooting reduction of troubled love shiyang

"The spy alliance" change file 11.30 across three shooting "alliance" reduction of troubled Love Spy Photos from "the true story of Agam" director Robert · directed by Zemeckis, Hollywood superstar Brad · Pitt, Oscar winning actress Mary · starring Claudia love spy spy blockbuster "alliance" officially announced the change gear in November 30th. Today, the film again exposed a poster and trailer, Peter and Marion to death, and a shootout ensued blasting, passing car passion more let it become more and more fierce war peaceful. In addition, the film across three films, the panoramic view of the show during the Second World War the troubled love. Fall to death   Peter and Marion love the movie reproduction gone, "the spy alliance" and ultimately determine the changed files in November 30th, and then released today posters and trailers. The film tells the story of Brad · Pitt allied agent Max and Mary · Claudia as a French spy disguised as husband and wife Marianne assassinated the German ambassador of the story. The release of the poster, Max and Marianne walk through the smoke of war, behind the scenes red background will be blasting. And notice during World War II war scenes reproduce the film, Max and Marianne at the banquet hall and the Nazi German shootout, big tank raid and subsequent blasting, car passion, highlights the two people in the film Gone with the fierce fierce tragic love. Then the plot Marianne was suspected of a sudden turn for the worse, is a German spy, furious Max began frantically investigate regardless of personal danger, dangerous and murderous attendant. At the end of the video, falling toward the burning plane two people live in a crisis hold fly, Max Marianne, then the two people love convalescence. "The spy alliance" three   shooting stills cross; reducing populations of war battlefield romantic it is reported that "the spy alliance" by virtue of "the true story of Agam" won 6 Oscar awards gold medal director Robert · directed by Zemeckis, during the filming after Britain, France and Morocco are both fighting Nazi tanks shot blasting action drama film. There are comparable to the meteor hurtling like air war, grand and magnificent scene. Blue sky and white roof Casablanca also adds a lot of romantic movies, "laid the main tone of the troubled Love Spy alliance". The wolf, in the flames of war in Europe, from the ball, and the battlefield surface of hidden dangers in the quiet town, "the spy alliance" panoramic display of turmoil and ubiquitous beacon during World War II war romance. In "the spy alliance", between Pitt’s allied agent Max Marion played with the French spy Marianne emotional drama is the most P part of the film, two people soon from the assassination mission, the couple were paid the enemy in disguise, after many tests of life and death, Max and Marianne fell in love with a false thing becomes true. But when the seemingly happy life is about to begin, a suspicion of many SPY Mystery, Max and Marianne to the verge of despair. It is reported that the film "the spy alliance" by the United States paramount film company, GK.相关的主题文章: