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The State Council on the down payment loan   real estate finance with "inhibition" – Sichuan Channel – original title: the State Council on the down payment loan of real estate finance with "inhibition" in October 13th, the general office of the State Council issued the "Internet financial risk rectification plan" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan") requirements, complete Internet financial risk special rectification work before the end of March next year. Require centralized remediation P2P net loan, equity congregation chips, Internet insurance and other fields. Network lending platform shall not set up a pool of funds, shall not be issued loans, shall not be illegal fund-raising; equity congregation to raise the platform had to be real shares of debt or disguised fund-raising. The Internet regulation of financial risk special leading group responsible person said at a press conference, in recent years, the use of information technology, based on Inclusive Finance, some internet financial institutions have actively explored in reducing financial transaction costs, improve the efficiency of allocation of financial resources, improve financial services and inclusive coverage areas, play a positive role for the development of the real economy. But because of the lack of regulation and guidance, some institutions to deviate from the correct orientation, or under the banner packaging whitewash, innovation to deceive investors, or borrow the concept of innovation, confuse the public fish, avoid regulation, some even to innovation as the cover of engaging in illegal financial activities of illegal fund-raising. These pseudo financial innovation not only disrupted the market order, the damage to the interests of financial consumers, but also produced a bad money to expel good money effect, so that the real value of the Internet financial innovation has been squeezed. The responsible person believes that the special purpose is to correct the torsion, some internet financial innovation of the forms of deviation of the situation, to borrow the name of innovation for illegal activities of the organization to carry out clean-up standards, the beneficial innovation, legal compliance management mechanism to support the protection of Internet financial innovation guide industry into the right track. It is worth noting that the "plan" in the real estate development enterprises, the real estate intermediary agencies and financial institutions such as the Internet has not obtained the relevant financial qualifications, and shall not make use of the P2P network lending platform and platform to raise public shareholding in the real estate finance business; obtain related financial qualifications, shall carry out illegal real estate finance related business. Enterprises engaged in real estate financial business shall comply with the relevant provisions of the macro-control policies and real estate financial management. Regulate the Internet to raise the public to buy a house and other acts, prohibited all types of institutions to carry out down payment loan nature of the business. Central Plains real estate chief analyst Zhang Dawei in an interview with the Securities Daily reporters, said the recent property market regulation from various aspects of force, constraints on the irrational behavior of real estate purchase, including the purchase, limited credit. The fight against down payment loans and other policies continue to emerge, conducive to the smooth return of the market. According to the central bank released August financial statistics report shows that the month of RMB loans increased by 948 billion 700 million yuan, an increase of more than $139 billion 100 million. Segment door, in which the household sector loans increased by 675 billion 500 million yuan, of which short-term loans increased by $146 billion 900 million, long-term loans increased by $528 billion 600 million. In Zhang Dawei’s view, if the credit can be tightened, the future room相关的主题文章: