The study says keeping in touch with former colleagues after breaking up is bad for your health-7470d

The study says that after breaking up, he still keeps in touch with his predecessor Studies have shown that many people who are bad for health believe in "breaking up is also a friend", but a study in the United States shows that keeping in touch with the former is not a good thing. Lindsay, a psychologist at the University of Florida in southern Rodrigues, and colleagues studied 429 adults, of whom 3/4 were women. More than 40% admitted that they were still in touch with their last lover. These people, 93.3% of the people after breaking up a few months began to continue to contact with the former, nearly nine adult contact frequency for several months, and a few people contact a few times a week 13%. Why do you want to do this? The most important reason is given by the respondents "friendship"; the same proportion of former obsession, think before is the person met at the wrong time; there are some people because of doubts that the current affair; some people simply admit that "for the spare". In a study published in the journal personal relationships, the researchers found that people who are more involved in current relationships are less likely to stay in touch with their predecessors. Those who were in contact with the former had a more positive view of the previous emotion, had a better time for the former, and a lower loyalty to the incumbent. The researchers warned that with the former ouduansilian on their mental health, although the link will temporarily get a sense of security, but will make them more difficult to break out of the shadows. (Xinhua Jing Jing) [micro] manuscript editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: