The United States called Chinese to reclaim space junk name anti satellite

The United States called "China to reclaim space junk name anti satellite test" original title: U.S. officials: China and the United States will talk about the problem of space junk China "Oberon 1" may become the issue in the United States "Space News" website reported on September 22nd, the United States director of arms control, deputy secretary of state Frank · a seminar held at University of Hawaii’s Ross day China, will be held before the end of the second space security talks and talks rubbish problem. The Deputy Secretary of state said, China’s anti satellite test in recent years have not produced debris". The British "sun" reported 29, said the publication of a number of space debris, Oberon China March 7 rocket first flight with the initiative to clean up the aircraft may be an issue in the Sino US talks, experts in the newspaper interview that the aircraft has anti satellite military potential. "Our No. 1" space manipulator, which is one of the key technologies of the future space station China according to reports, the 22 day, Frank · Ross Deputy Secretary of state to attend the annual symposium on space junk monitoring technology, on behalf of Sino US already have peaceful space development had been discussed, and in May of this year the talks for the first time on military space deployment issues. China and the United States on space junk differences have been going on for nearly 10 years. He claimed that China’s 2007 anti satellite test in the destruction of the "1C" satellite, in a busy near earth orbit space to form a threat of space junk cloud". Since then, the U.S. Department of Defense said that China continues to carry out anti satellite tests, said similar tests in 2010, 2013, 2014. U.S. Deputy Secretary of state Ross’s speech at University of Hawaii, the U.S. intelligence and defense department leaders frequently pointed out that China will be anti satellite weapons as an important driving force for its space defense. But Ross said that in May this year, the Sino US diplomatic department held a very frank exchange of views at the meeting in washington". "It is clear that there is a new threat to the United States and its allies in space systems. We need to prepare for the response, and now there is no silver bullet, Ross said: "we will continue to maintain strategic restrictions treaty. We have also made clear to China, Russia and other potential U.S. adversaries that we will protect ourselves and our allies in space." The U.S. government estimates that in 2007 China’s test produced 3400 pieces of space debris, more than half of which is expected to continue to orbit in 2027. But Ross also said that the two countries have achieved some results. He said that 5 years ago, a similar negotiation is almost impossible. But in the past 18 months, he has traveled to China for the first time in 7 months and has been trying to find a common ground for the two countries to negotiate on the issue. Now, he said, China has "taken seriously the problem of space junk," State Department officials also noted that China’s recent anti satellite test did not produce space junk. Meanwhile, in recent years, the U. S. air force has sent thousands of strikes to China warning that debris from 2007 was close to their satellites. In May this year, China and the United States for the first time talks on the issue of outer space security, we have made significant progress. Us.相关的主题文章: