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The United States presidential election day "is approaching the government prepared to meet the challenge against hacking the American city of Atlanta Phoenix Technology News polling station in Beijing on November 5th news, according to foreign media reports, with the United States in November 8th" election day "is approaching, the United States federal and state law enforcement agencies are embattled, to take further measures to prevent hackers to launch cyber attacks by voting system. The possibility of efforts to strengthen the voting system security threats and violence, to Democrat Hilary Clinton and Republican candidate Donald · · Trump’s presidential election showdown was overshadowed, fears that Russia and other countries are likely to spread false information online political, and the destruction of the voting system. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security said in an interview with the Reuters, in order to eliminate the threat of cyber attacks, in addition to the two states, all of the states have accepted the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Assistance, screening for voter registration and voting system. Ohio has asked the National Guard to help protect the state’s voting system. The Arizona Government Secretary General Michel · Reagan (Michele Reagan) spokesman Matt · Roberts (Matt Roberts) said on Thursday, Michel and network security team and the Federal Bureau of investigation, the Department of Homeland Security and state level security officials met to discuss the threat of cyber attacks. Network security experts and U.S. government officials said that the possibility of a hacker attack to change the results of the election is minimal, because the vote is generally not networking. Despite this, the U.S. Federal Bureau of investigation issued a warning in August, after the discovery of a voter registration database in Arizona and illinois. A number of unnamed intelligence officials Thursday said in an interview, whether the November 8th "election day" will be hacked, there is no clear signs, but they still worry about from Russia and other countries hackers may try to disrupt the election process, such as through the manipulation of Facebook and Twitter and other social media websites to spread error the information. U.S. Department of homeland security network security experts plan to hold a press conference on Friday, the media reports on how to strengthen the security of the voting and voting systems. As the US election has been going on for several months, there is an increasing likelihood of violence during the election. Many of America’s armed forces have vowed to invest unprecedented power to monitor polling stations to prevent voting fraud. Police will make voters feel nervous but Reuters on Thursday in Ohio, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Florida five state law enforcement departments conducted a survey, they said this year in the "election day" into the law enforcement personnel and resources will not exceed the level of the 2012 election. In accordance with the practice, during the presidential election, the United States Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) of the 56 foreign offices will be sent to a Commissioner to deal with the election related crimes相关的主题文章: