The United States University of Afghanistan attacked dozens of casualties special forces stormed the-kimi wo omou melodi

The United States University of Afghanistan attacked dozens of casualties special forces stormed the Campus – Beijing, Beijing, August 25, according to U.S. media reports, 7 at 24 pm local time, the Afghan Kabul is located in the Afghan capital university in the United States experienced gunmen attacked the explosion site, according to the Kabul police chief confirmed that at least 1 or 2 people the victims, more than 20 students were injured. After the attack, several American professors and hundreds of students trapped in school. Most of the students fled campus through emergency exits. At present, the authorities are cleaning up the campus, some students are still trapped. Kabul hospital official said that at least 1 guards were killed, including 4 girls were injured 21 students, was rushed to the hospital. An American official says at least 1 Americans were wounded in the attack. Afghan Interior Ministry spokesman said the attack was launched by a number of gunmen, gunmen to detonate a car bomb into the campus, some wearing a suicide bomber vest. It is said that the school, there are foreign professors and hundreds of students trapped. Special forces have been deployed to surround the school, and continued to fight with gunmen. Police described it as a "complex attack" and has deployed special forces. University President confirmed the attack, but did not disclose details, but said it was trying to assess the situation. Many of the students on the Internet about the scene, said the gunmen entered the campus fire, and ask for help from the outside. Witnesses said the explosion heard gunshots have been heard. It is reported that many students and teachers trapped in the building. A trapped student said that several people were killed. One student said, "I heard explosions and gunfire in the distance…… Smoke and dust are all outside the classroom. We were trapped in the classroom." Many other students who are trapped in the social network issued desperate help. No group has claimed responsibility for the attack. The U.S. State Department issued a warning to U.S. citizens in Kabul on the Internet, urging them to remain vigilant, avoid walking around. It is reported that the United States opened in Afghanistan in 2006, former first lady Lara Bush who helped start the University, there are 1700 students enrolled. Most of the University’s funding comes from the United States, and the United States has a number of universities have cooperative relations. Reported that the University since its inception has been the target of terrorist attacks. In parts of the country and the security situation in the Afghan capital, the general deterioration after the beginning of August this year, 2 of the university professor at the University, 1 Americans and 1 Australians, 5 persons were armed, uniformed kidnapped from outside the campus, so far unknown. In 2014, 2 employees of the University was a Dutch act bomber detonated a bomb killed in a Kabul restaurant.相关的主题文章: