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Open government information island – Theory – current use of big data, the phenomenon of information island has become the constraints of decentralization, put the tube combination, an important factor to optimize service reform. The so-called information island, refers to the government information data stored in the information system is divided in different departments, to achieve interoperability, sharing, integration and utilization, it is difficult for the residents, enterprises and social organizations to provide a complete, efficient and convenient public service. The existence of government information islands, is not conducive to improving the efficiency and transparency of the government, the masses have a lot of opinions. For example, the community generally reflects the strong public affairs to be repeated in various departments, administrative examination and approval links and other complex phenomena, are closely related to the presence of government information islands. Therefore, how to use big data open government information island urgent essay. The existence of government information islands, both technical reasons, there are reasons for institutional mechanisms. From the technical point of view, in the early stage of the development of information technology, due to the ability of information storage, transmission and other constraints, the information can not be achieved large-scale, remote, high-speed, safe storage and use. Therefore, the various government departments can only be achieved through the construction of their own scattered, isolated data storage and use. In the beginning of 90s, the Chinese government vigorously promote informatization construction in various fields, due to technical limitations at that time, only the first to achieve interoperability in the government departments, to achieve interoperability across departments within the government. From the perspective of institutional mechanisms, due to the vast territory of our country, there is a big difference between different regions, it is difficult to achieve information integration in the country. If in the early stage of information construction on the national unified requirements of information technology, then the whole country will be extremely slow process of information construction. Therefore, in the initial stage of information construction, China has formed a pattern of overall planning and guidance, and the development and construction of various systems. This is also an important reason for the phenomenon of government information silos. From these aspects, the formation of government information island has its historical and objective reasons. In the fifth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee the party clearly put forward to implement the national strategy for big data. For the government, an important change in the era of big data is the use of big data technology to open up isolated isolated island of government information, the establishment of a complete, unified, seamless efficient public service system. On the one hand, big data can change the original pattern of isolated government data storage. Through large data storage technology, can directly change the government departments to build their own data centers to form the status of inter departmental data isolation, in order to further realize the exchange of government data lay a physical basis. On the other hand, big data can change the independent construction of government information data ideas. In the era of big data, data collection establishment showing the different principle of establish more open polymerization characteristics and traditional information data, different dimensions of different channels, the information can form a rich and complete information archives through effective combination, not only the government could maintain its own information, maintenance of residents and enterprises, social organizations can also participate in the the information in the. In addition, the big data can also change the pattern of discrete use of government information. The construction of large data platform beyond相关的主题文章: