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"Watch vanguard" group interview: what is the role of Sombra and the role of Sombra in the future? What skills are there? Sombra is the definition of a hacker, her skill biased control, the output will be relatively weak. She can camouflage way to black out on the opposite side of the battery package (or blood or blood lose the ability to attack Fort let people use only their own package), so this is very suitable for harassment hero back. You can see her clairvoyant low health enemy, although output ability is weak, but if combined with Hanzou to close the head is very powerful. Now the game update iterations are faster, and Sombra decryption, why choose such a slow paced launch, is how to consider the launch cycle? Sombra is a hacker, so we can do some things with professional characteristics. In fact, the role of archetypes in Dorado’s map has been, we have the design schedule, there are many occupation foreshadowing in the anime and manga, the development team has different promotion methods for different occupation. This is one of them. Although Sombra joined the black claw, but she also has its own ideas, the future will have more animated cartoons tell her story? Sombra is very interesting, today’s story is only a part of the future, there will be a dialogue in the game and other ways to continue to tell her story. The next time the introduction of New England will not be similar to Sombra with a clear professional characteristics of the launch? Each hero has his own character, such as road rage and wild rats is different, Sombra is because hackers choose this way to study the next property, according to the experience of the development team will, and not every time. How to set up the vanguard of the vanguard of the birth of the super hero, machinery, whether or not affected by the film? Watch affected by a lot of comics, you can see the shadow of a lot of heroes comic characters, hoping to make science fiction, optimism and other stories. The world view of the game is to create a better world. The subject of man and machine is common in science fiction, such as D.Va. There are a lot of contrasting roles, such as Winston is a gorilla scientist, fortress and birds, this contrast design is a standard? The design is the original drive story, or the story driven image? The role of the general design had three points, 1 soldiers of the 76 game design: we want to do is a simple and easy to operate, suitable for traditional FPS game player; 2 considerations: art will be beautifully rendered to the original game; 3 story. Watch in the publicity and natural fermentation, resulting in a number of adult derivative works, how to treat this matter? The most happy is the game player community feedback game player input, the first time the cos began to flash and Genji is cool, very happy. Community content more and more have been too busy to attend to all, we can’t control everything, but the role of design popular game player welcome this is very rewarding. The role of the watch is very successful, the role of the shape of the game in the positioning? What is the key point of character building? Blizzard.相关的主题文章: