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"The whole world" at the box office breaking 600 million Cao Weiyu battles screen acclaim Entertainment – Sohu Cao Weiyu and cuckoo stills Sohu entertainment news from the original works of Zhang Jiajia, screenwriter, director Zhang Yibai, starring Deng Chao, Bai Baihe, Yang Yang, Zhang Tianai, guest star, Yue Yunpeng, Liu Yan, Cao Weiyu starred in Rhododendron starring, friendship. The strongest IP, the strongest cast together to create the annual blockbuster "emotional passing from your world" are aggressively ~ since its release, the box office continued to lead Chinese film market downturn swept, easily exceeded 600 million. Cao Weiyu’s tough, the general image has been deeply rooted, the "passing from your world" Zaizhan screen career overbearing president Cao challenges, from the end of Chen (Deng Chao) ex girlfriend (small cuckoo ornaments) the world pass by. And mentioned in the play investment VR technology, keep up with the trend of science and technology has been numerous viewers expect! It is reported that, in addition to the good results of the box office, the film is also a good reputation in the continuous fermentation. The movie reflects the real life, construction of the beautiful and romantic fairy tale since its release received numerous, but the film "a story, seven kinds of life, all people love the emotional core is to obtain a lot of resonance. Cao Weiyu said in an interview: "in my life, there are a lot of people" pass "me, I also passed a lot of people, but these are not important, it is important to have someone who is waiting for you." In 2016 Cao Weiyu play again and again, from the beginning of "love" in the text of Ben closer to Uncle derailed Rambo, "after" mistakes ice murderer, have a double identity by turning to the salvation of Han Ming, and just finished filming the movie soon "Hello madman", no matter what kind of Cao Weiyu can be. The role of vivid, has been recognized by the industry, but also by the audience love. It is reported by Dou Xiao, Huang Xuan, Cao Weiyu starred in the drama "Oriental magic big sea and clouds" will also be opened in 2017 broadcast.   相关的主题文章: