The woman in public relations former lover blackmail would open 20 million new network –

The woman in "public relations" former lover blackmail would open 20 million new network – in public relationship threatening to Youfuzhifu ask for hush money. Recently, Anhui province Fengyang County Procuratorate on suspicion of the crime of blackmail and impose exactions on approved the arrest of Zheng Xiaoli. Zheng Xiaoli and Li Mouceng for the relationship between the lover, after the resignation of Lee in the operation of the rice factory work, he opened a smoke Hotel, and cut off the ambiguous relationship with lee. Seeing Lee’s business is booming, and his business depression, Zheng Xiaoli born to the idea of Lee money. One day in October 2015, she found Lee, let it help pay 200 thousand yuan in arrears, and that his daughter is Lee child, threatened to go public, Lee desperation to meet the requirements of Zheng Xiaoli. In April 21st this year, Zheng Xiaoli and found Lee, the opening will be 20 million yuan, or else to the rice plant trouble. In order to keep their local reputation, Lee repeatedly with Zheng Xiaoli bargaining, finally agreed to pay a one-time 600 thousand yuan Zheng Xiaoli. Get the money Zheng Xiaoli dizzy with success in August 28th of this year, a friend’s dinner party to show off the matter. Lee heard was xiunu, immediately to the police. (Wu Changzhong, Zhu Changyou)相关的主题文章: