The woman in the calligraphy a beautiful understanding

The woman in the calligraphy: a beautiful woman is my understanding of Su Gaoyu’s acquaintances. One day she and her husband came to the studio, I appreciate the picture and word. Later, she asked me: "can you take your pen and paper try to write a few words?" Her husband rob said: "you make trouble? You never touched a brush, don’t disgrace!" I smiled: "you want to try it." The woman hesitated for a while, see the desk there is a "Zhang Heinv", she turned over love, said: "I still write it in this manner, some stable heart." He really started. When she wrote me deliberately looking for his said some gossip, as not as she saw me was more nervous. 20 minutes later, she put on the "black female" handed over, do not want to surprised me: Although the word lines See novice jerky, but every word of a pen, and even have a charm is. To say is elegant and elegant, to say it is an old and little excellent singing or polished writing worthy, I can not help but to re look at the eyes of lightning is already familiar with the woman. I think, when others copy only in the same copy, and in front of the ink marks, but let me read her soul, feeling is integrated into the blood of this woman in a moment of "black girl". I had a student, she sometimes carrying Lin words let me pointing. Then she asked me about painting, asked how I see the line, I’ll tell her, if you put aside a single line drawing, painting line for it, is to see that clumsy, thick, fresh is wrapped online inside, but no "Lun", hot it is the top grade. She said that she had understood the meaning of style in freehand painting. And then ask if there is any way to distinguish what I call the clumsy, thick features? I would like to point to a line to tell her, good line edges are hair, looks a bit rough, if the smooth soft cotton like earthworms, and even if not on the line. She looked at me and thought for a moment, then nodded her head. About ten days ago, a woman in her home to chat, Mr. blame someone always talk "no" how, always say less woman suddenly received quasi huachaer: "there is no side edge of the drawing, is enjoyable!" Then she smiled at me, and Jiao Jiao smiled. At that moment, I seem to see her standing on a piece of ink beside, very quiet and graceful figure reflected in there. It is also beautiful woman smart, savvy woman is beautiful.相关的主题文章: