The world Mazu Cultural Forum initiative to create global Mazu culture communication system in Beiji-douke

The world Mazu Cultural Forum initiative to "create global Mazu culture communication system" – Beijing News Agency in November 2, Meizhou Island (Lin Chunyin Ruan Yulin) world Mazu Cultural Forum concluded in the hometown of Mazu Fujian Meizhou Island in Putian on the 2 day. The forum released "Meizhou" initiative, and the establishment of a forum on Meizhou Island, the relevant agencies and organizations each year with a maritime country, held a theme of the forum. "Macau should be" The Belt and Road ‘culture." Professor Ding Cairong, the prince of Malaysia said that the ancestors of the sea to Malaysia, first built temple hall was established, "Mazu belief and world religions to the communication and understanding, it also promote between overseas Chinese and the Chinese people’s harmony." Today, Fujian still maintained close economic and trade exchanges and Humanities and Hester countries. Currently, Fujian has about 15800000 overseas folks, of which about 12 million in Southeast asia. Mazu culture is not only an important cultural resource is indispensable in twenty-first Century the construction of the maritime Silk Road, but also become the common cultural memory of Hester along the country’s." Vice governor of Fujian Province, Hong Jie order said that Fujian will take the Mazu culture as a link and the media, and actively promote the marine economic and trade cooperation and cultural exchanges. The forum released "proposal" put forward: increase of Meizhou Mazu culture material and non-material literature data collection, collation, promote the inheritance and inheritance skills; good academic research of Mazu culture, Mazu culture clear history. The creation of the global Mazu culture communication system, the construction of Mazu’s Intangible Cultural Heritage Inheritance, exhibition, education area. Concentrated in the Mazu Mazu culture, the establishment of a national ecological protection zone. The Organizing Committee of the forum also advocated various institutions and organizations actively practice and promote the spirit of Mazu Mazu culture, Mazu culture and promote the innovation of the carrier communication, cultural exchanges between a good platform for different countries and regions; to carry out a global survey of Mazu culture, Mazu held Nanyang, along the sea silk Road "," world Mazu back home "and other activities. (end)相关的主题文章: