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The new network in the world the most sad "polar bears move Mengsui mall expansion to keep panda in reference news network September 21st Hong Kong media reported that living in Guangzhou is good Plaza, Grandview polar ocean world known as" the world’s most sad polar bear pizza Mengsui relocation. According to Hongkong "Oriental Daily" reported on September 21st, the foreign media quoted the British Yorkshire Wildlife Park (Yorkshire Wildlife Park) sources confirmed that the park had contacted the Guangzhou Grandview Plaza, expressed willingness to adopt pizza, the garden is dedicated to create a polar bear habitat, there are currently four polar bears live in the park. Square official refused the proposal. "Eyes" video global heat transfer is reported earlier a pizza out of spirits on the ground, "tearful" short film in the global heat transfer, make pizza concern. Many netizens refer to the poor living environment of pizza, is the world’s most lonely, and even the world’s most sad polar bear. More netizens launched a petition to close the "sea world"". Although it is responsible for the good personnel insisted that the living environment of animals in the park has improved, but was rejected by animal groups in the zoo animal living conditions are still bad. Is good for the expansion of the size of football fields hundreds of animal satirized as "animal prison" is located in Guangzhou Grandview Plaza in the Grandview polar ocean world ", since January this year after the opening of the controversy, attracted more attention of international public opinion. However, it is good recently planned to carry out the two phase of the project, more ready to introduce more than eight thousand pandas and other animals, but its living space is less than a standard football field size. In this regard, a number of animal experts questioned, some experts are more appealing not to toss animals. Another 95% of users oppose the project. Mainland media reports, is good Plaza plans to invest one hundred and fifty million yuan, in the shopping mall on the second floor of the building area of only 5905.5 square meters, is a good pet pet paradise sprouting". Report the project shows that the zoo includes exhibition pavilion, white tiger panda Pavilion, a time tunnel, pet farm, interactive games area, all kinds of animal only a total of more than 8 thousand and 400, of which 8057 for other insects, including animal protection at the national level, the giant panda, white tiger, white handed gibbon python, and the two national animal protection the little panda. In other words, there is only about 0.7 square meters of space for each animal. Experts fear the animal survival environment of another report shows that the animal area will be sealed construction, rely on independent ventilation system for ten to fifteen times per hour for the wind, the waste gas will be on the seven floor of zenith emission. In addition, the regional ventilation system and animal will also install the ultraviolet sterilizer, ozone deodorizing device and device, regular disinfection and deodorization of the park. As for animal excreta collected by hand. The project is still in the EIA publicity stage, but there are many experts questioned the feasibility of the project. Allegedly, although there is no clear provision of the country, but the reference animal living environment in the wild, giant pandas, tigers and other animals in the space of a few tens of square kilometers, more adequate vegetation and hydrological environment. At the same time, urban blight.相关的主题文章: