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The world’s most worthless currency is it! Minutes to let you become billionaires – Sohu financial recently, especially since eleven, the RMB against the U.S. dollar continued to hit a new low. Many people complain that the yuan is getting less and less valuable! In fact, the RMB is still very strong in the global purchasing power, but the whole world in some countries, money is not worth the money in his pocket, just installed on tens of thousands of dollars in these countries, you can immediately become a billionaire, what country, into 360 small as you take stock of several. What is the world’s least valuable currency? The least valuable should be Zimbabwe yuan. If you’re still complaining about the domestic economy, look at the super inflation in Zimbabwe, the richest country in africa. Recently, the Central Bank of the country has begun to issue 100 trillion of the notes (yes, Z$100000000000000). The yuan was the first value of the dollar, in 1980, when the independence of the yuan and the dollar exchange rate of 1:1.47. However, due to the current exchange rate seriously overestimated the actual value of the yuan, the Yuan’s exchange rate in both official and black markets are rapidly devalued. In the land reform, due to economic collapse, government fiscal deficit, and began printing. A series of economic recession especially acute shortage of foreign exchange makes the black market exchange rate into the wild potential, far behind the official exchange rate. The dollar and the official exchange rate of Zimbabwe dollars in January 1, 2004 is 1:824, while the black market exchange rate has reached 1:5500. the January 2009 issue of the world’s largest denomination of 10 trillion, 20 trillion, 50 trillion and 100 trillion yuan Jin (100000000000000) notes, large amounts of money on crushed national monetary system including bank ATM machine. Although in February, the central bank announced the removal of the existing currency denomination 12 zero, but the yuan has completely lost value. 2001, 100 yuan can be exchanged for $1. Less than ten years, in 2009, the Xinjin side of the 31 yuan in the exchange of $10 to $1. Zimbabwe yuan completely reduced to junk currency. In April 2009, the government announced that it would no longer circulate its currency, and Zimbabwe became a country with no sovereign currency. Devaluation of the RMB has not, but the appreciation of the 2015 devaluation of the global financial markets become the epitome of ups and downs. Out of concern for the fed to raise interest rates, the global currency in addition to the dollar almost ushered in a wave of devaluation, and has continued to date. Since 2015 devaluation, depreciation is the leading emerging economies in Latin America this round of monetary currency (the average depreciation rate of 32%); second is the European currencies of emerging economies to Russia and Turkey as the representative of the (average depreciation rate of 26%); again with Canada, Australia and New Zealand as the representative of the commodity currency (the average depreciation rate of 16%), in contrast, the Asian emerging market currencies in this round of devaluation of the tide in the limited extent of the devaluation (the average depreciation rate is only 8%). We usually say"相关的主题文章: