The you-factor Means To Get Over

UnCategorized As mentioned, for most network marketing coaches the word out there these days is "get over yourself". May we all begin to see how network marketing itself will help us to set ourselves aside in order to help others. Start with setting aside all negative thoughts and words…Stop with the negative talk and murmuring already! See only the positives in life. Perhaps this is why many people just love network marketing: Christ was the first network marketer. His first level consisted of 12 "team members". Some played the game better than others, but all were totally dedicated to the cause. What was their "you-factor"? Caring for others…getting the Word out to you and I! The Word was spread verbally 2000 years ago, and it wasn’t done by speaking negatively. In the first 1500 years it was ac.plished by speaking to others. Network marketers believe in the promised rewards and are positive about working from home as their own boss. They believe that prosperity and financial freedom is just over the horizon, they believe that they know no other way to remove debt, to take responsibility for their lives and for caring for others. Those rewards and blessings better not change when some have found success either. What is your God given purpose? Enhance your "you-factor" by getting over yourself. Learn to trust. Maybe you believe that your life is at a dead-end, or that the job market has dried up or maybe you just refuse to work for others. But when the motivation is so negative, worry and negative thoughts must be eliminated some day so why not start now. Read "The Secret" to learn about the law of attraction. Find what works for you. We all require focus, .mitment and strong desire. These are great life qualities and living in a home person to person business actually promotes such qualities and character. Thus network marketing offers the very greatest of rewards. So for starters we need to properly understand how it works and why it’s all good. You see, believing that Network marketing creates better people through a process of placing us into fertile soil. Fertile soil has no negatives. The good seed that you plant is the little things you do each day. These little steps/seeds will grow your success. Call it discipline if you want, but you must water the seeds daily by doing what’s necessary regardless of how you feel. How you feel isn’t the "you factor". Feelings should be simply used to highlight what changes you require. Changes that overwhelm negative thoughts with positive thoughts are how you water the seeds. You will need to struggle at first like any seed does. But soon you will blossom into the flower you so deeply wish to be through the habits created. You see you wish to use your home person to person business to work out the Golden Rule in your life as you seek victory through only positives. Really the above reasons and ideas are just factors to get YOUR "you-factor" started. Most of us in network marketing want to be.e a better person who cares to live a full, .plete and rewarding life of abundance and prosperity for yourself and especially others? Your positiveness will be infectious supporting the law of attraction. These factors can mean that the very fibre of your being may require such simple changes that say, "I’m beginning to see that others are more important than me" and "I’m taking focused, repeatable, simple steps each day". Wow, now there’s a revelation! Then in prosperity you can really begin to help others. When loving .munication by a great listener, when empathy really begins to kick in, when one honestly sees others as needing a blessing, when one begins to live each personal encounter with an understanding that PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) rules, than you are on the path to apply the "you-factor". But you must start with daily repeatable steps while claiming the positive. May your desperation on one hand and your love or the other be so great it overpowers your negative attitudes and thoughts about yourself and drives you towards the victory and prosperity we all so richly deserve. I’m talking about blessings out of love, wealth, prosperity, and abundance in .pleteness to create a better "you" that creates better "others". No more curses, just blessings. There is nothing fake about creation. Creating a huge organization and a better you via your person to person marketing. Faking it won’t work! You must be honest, but start with little steps and stay focused and positive. Take total control over negative thoughts and thinking…You can do this! Go positive in life regardless of the bumps! Seek help where ever you can. Stay away from the nay-sayers. Not only are such blessings available to you, but to all those in your organization. The you-factor is about blessing others, what you bring to the table, how you care for others. When speaking to others be sure that they sense; "This is all about you". I pray it is your driving force as I continue to make it mine. What if your driving force or your focus is money, good times, knowledge, or even serving, you still must solve for, and be honest with, your you-factor. Keep talking to people, take steps each day and your you-factor will .e into focus. Network Marketing is your vehicle…Never quit the trip. Stay focused and believe! Know that the more you practice anything the better you will be.e. Recognize and kill your negative thoughts. Just don’t give up, listen, and be patient and you will have your dream. May you wake up someday to realize that .work marketing isn’t hard any more. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: