There are so many advantages of sunroof, but why old drivers don’t recommend it (video) tataufo

But why do so many good skylight old drivers often do not recommend the sunroof of improper use of threat to life in recent years, more and more car companies launched with sunroof car, most of the automobile skylight roof only occupy the area of 20%~30%, and a few luxury cars or even up to 60%~70% to achieve the area. So more and more people began to love the vehicles with sunroof, a lot of people feel that there is a sunroof than the car without a sunroof, more upscale, more style. The high-end atmosphere on the level of the car with a sunroof, can be seen in the eyes of many vehicles, with the aura of the giant star, which is not available to other cars. Especially the panoramic sunroof car, luxury more than a little. Close to nature, bathed in the sun (with reference, pictures, inquiry) outside the car is sunny, but the car is dim haze, the car will have a sense of oppression. At this point, if the sunroof version of the vehicle is open vision. At the same time, open the skylight ventilation, the car can make the air fresh, especially the upper deck of the fresh air, so that the driver’s mind to stay awake, so that driving safer and more reliable. Ventilation, improve the environment inside the car sunroof can promote car air circulation, the faster the volatilization of harmful gases. When the vehicle is traveling at high speed, the air flows rapidly from the four sides of the car, and then the skylight is opened. Due to the different air pressure inside and outside the car, the car will be able to draw the foul air, to reach the aim of ventilation, let the car always keep fresh air in the cabin, to avoid the smell inside the car, is conducive to good health. Due to the use of negative pressure ventilation skylight principle, so open the skylight ventilation will not be involved in dust and debris. Cooling energy saving window also has a certain cooling effect, summer appropriate to open the skylight, not only can save fuel consumption, enhance the cooling effect, cooling speed can be increased by 2~3 times. The noise reduction and defrosting skylight can also reduce the noise interference and is favorable for the driver’s safe driving. In winter due to temperature difference between inside and outside, will produce a lot of fog on the windshield glass, if open the window, will soon reduce the temperature difference between inside and outside, the windscreen becomes clean. However, there is nothing to do with eggs, skylights and some extremely negative energy. Must choose carefully. When you close the roof in the summer when the sun, the thin layer of insulation will not be too good, especially the panoramic sunroof. For now, there is no car which can be a good solution to the problem of poor insulation skylight. This problem particularly strange noise, whether it is in the slide roof, into the small stones or rain, will let you hear the shrill creak in the sunroof switch, but also not easy to rust and easy to clean. In addition, due to thermal expansion and contraction, time is long, the overall structure of the skylight will undergo subtle deformation. Safety roof material and solid, it is glass, if the occurrence of falling objects, the consequences than to go without the roof; besides using this configuration, the whole body stiffness will decrease, in the unfortunate accident, if the vehicle rollover, you think the head is to safety glass or metal safety?相关的主题文章: