These common uncivilized driving behavior you encountered several

These common uncivilized driving behavior you encountered several? "Road rage" in recent years has been referred to a very high frequency, it was said that road rage is a disease, get treatment, but I do not think so. In fact, road rage is often forced, then refined people will have cornered. So today in this article, we presents a series of uncivilized driving behavior, which is not necessarily illegal, but it is likely to trigger after the car accident, let the driver behind the gas teeth, resulting from road rage. Even more frightening is that on the real road to collect these materials, we only took less than a day, a look at how many scenes in your daily driving experience personally. A slow start, the traffic lights before we master in the driving school always give us an example, that "starting up", "brake nod", this is the typical "poor students". So in the left school after, many people drive always follow this rule, soft start, soft brake, to ensure passenger comfort for oneself, it seems that everyone is in the leading car, driving for leaders. Big city traffic light time is not long, but there are some green ratio is not reasonable intersection, we always see some results in the front row at the intersection of the car slowly started, and an original by 10 car lights, but only through the 4-5 car, more cars are squeezed it leads to the increasingly congested road in the rear. If the car really has the elderly or pregnant women, pay attention to comfort can be understood, but the truth? More often we are in a single driver, congestion often occurs in the morning and evening peak, it is necessary to improve the efficiency of the time. Friends who have been to Europe will have a deep impression on the European drivers at the traffic lights, because you can always see a variety of burning tires start at the intersection of the scene. He’s not in the show driving skills, but for as soon as possible through the intersection, on this point, the domestic awareness does have to be improved. Two, to block the straight lane to cut this usually occurs in a friend read straight turning lane when, or when approaching the intersection and change, so the vehicle stopper does not want to turn left, but blocking a straight lane, think of the vehicle straight and can not turn out from the left turn lane again, the left turn lane to the block, and at the rear of the vehicle in front of the green light but not through seeing, you do not hurry hurry? What is the correct and reasonable approach? Under the two conditions should not block the driveway, but should continue to run, to the next intersection, turn around, or choose another route to bypass. If it is really because not familiar with the road in this case can also be understood, so some friends in order not to line up along the straight lane to the left of the front of the team, trying to force the gasser, this nature is bad, not only blocked the road, the probability of collision accidents will a lot of high. Even more, we found that in addition to the individual moral problems of private owners, buses and taxis of the "city name card" in the scene photographed significantly higher, for this class of models, we will not?相关的主题文章: