This winter and spring of Beijing Tianjin Hebei will implement joint law enforcement to deal with ai-freyja

This winter and spring of Beijing Tianjin Hebei will implement a new network of joint law enforcement to deal with air pollution in Beijing in November 11th – Xinhua News (reporter Ni Yuanjin, Wang Dier) 11 reporters from the Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, this winter and next spring, three of Tianjin will be the implementation of the joint law enforcement, from the geographical, time and personnel of three linkage to elevated pollution coal pollution, mobile source pollution and heavy pollution emergency measures for the implementation of joint law enforcement to crack down on the key content, involving gas enterprises snuck, emissions exceed the standard, resort to deceit and other environmental violations, and exposure. In 2016, Beijing Tianjin Hebei Environmental Law Enforcement linkage joint meeting was held on 11, issued the "Beijing Tianjin Hebei this winter and spring air pollution prevention and control supervision and inspection work program". In accordance with the "plan", during the period from November 15th to March 15, 2017, the Beijing municipal environmental protection departments will strengthen supervision of air pollution, atmospheric environmental violations severely punished heating boiler unit, industrial enterprises, the non-point source pollution as the focus, combined with urban management and other departments to investigate violations, and supervise the implementation of air pollution emergency measures. The program also proposed to strengthen communication and coordination with Tianjin, Hebei, start linkage enforcement mechanism to promote regional air quality in Beijing, Tianjin and jointly improve. According to reports, this year from 1 to October, Beijing City Environmental Protection Department filing penalties for environmental violations of more than 1 pieces. Fixed source environmental violations filing 2316 cases, the amount of punishment of $91 million 325 thousand and 600. Among them, 1099 kinds of atmospheric environment, the penalty amount of 30 million 824 thousand and 700 yuan. The implementation of the new "environmental protection law" investigate and deal with major environmental law cases since 188, which transferred to the public security organs in administrative detention for 2 cases, 3 consecutive daily fines, seizure of 181 cases of suspected environmental pollution crime, 2 cases transferred to public security organs.相关的主题文章: