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People from all walks of life held a rally in Hongkong: must not allow those who insult the country into the Legislative Council – Sohu news patriotic love Hong Kong Association held anti disgrace China, Hong Kong Independence, the people’s assembly. Reporter even Tim photo Hongkong Legislative Council members elect Liang Songheng, you Huizhen days before the Legislative Council oath to affront the nation, and to promote Hong Kong Independence, and then break the Legislative Council Chamber paralyzed parliament. Beam, swim bad behaviors are from all walks of life in Hongkong in community. From all walks of life in Hongkong, through the joint meetings in various ways such as: can not let this flagrant violation of "one country two systems" and the basic law of the people into the legislative council. The basic law should not be provocative two chairman of the Hongkong Legislative Council Van Sherite and Jasper, interviewed in the "Bauhinia" and wrote respectively, broadside beam, travel behavior. The NPC Standing Committee Van Sherite in the latest issue of "Bauhinia" magazine, "the members of the Legislative Council should not forget the early heart" as its theme the author, stressed member of the Legislative Council is the responsibility of social service in Hongkong, to ensure the prosperity and stability of Hongkong, the people live and work in peace, and advocating the "Hong Kong Independence" would undermine social stability, damage the economy of Hongkong, Hongkong will push up. She pointed out that in this paper, against the government members of the more extreme, take the Rab and flow will approach, to prevent the government bill, more become aggravated. She sighed today’s legislative change is: some radical members sadly sigh to protest into the chamber, the impact of government activities and officials in public, "bad fine Road (children), that young people mistakenly think that any. Van Sherite quoted Zhang Dejiang chairman of the NPC Standing Committee in May this year visited Hongkong SAR told to forget the beginning of the heart ", refers to the opposition lawmakers in recent years and the beginning of the heart from radical separatists by the opposition to the birth of more momentum rise, in an attempt to enter the legislative council. The individual s elected to the legislature will elect members in the Legislative Council to publicly declare "Hong Kong Independence", is a flagrant provocation of Hongkong basic law and the state, must be resolutely stopped, otherwise it will bring Hongkong into ruin. Ceng Yucheng pointed out that in the interview "Bauhinia", the government should take appropriate measures, can not let the "Hong Kong Independence" in the society especially in the campus, wanton publicity. He pointed out that the school has freedom of speech and thought, but can not encourage students to support Hong Kong Independence, because the move unconstitutional violation. Do not curse the next generation of Hongkong vice president, chairman of topaz Rong recently participate in the academic criticism, beam joint, travel behavior. He said that Hongkong is an integral part of the nation, the Council must act according to law, to make reasonable judgments, or by the Hongkong SAR government, even to the central government, not the beam two people once again entered Parliament, hold a very important. "Please don’t take school politicians are quiet, our children as a tool of political struggle, Huang Jingrong said," please don’t let the politicians students, students will become the anti school, antisocial, anti national political tool, but also the campus quiet, otherwise Hongkong will pay a heavy price. China China Study Association vice president He Jingwen heads, two members elect say country shame words in violation of oath ceremony, members must maintain the "one country two systems", abide by the basic law of the.相关的主题文章: