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Thousands of years ago carved chisel sound, but also in the history of the sky echoed…… Every Sohu – tourism should come to Luoyang all the children of the Yellow Emperor, take a walk, take a look at the! Many years ago I have been thinking about, must come here, because I know here a lot of the history of precipitation and story, and this is precisely the most attraction to me, I love Chinese traditional culture, the more love marks of Chinese civilization history…… The ancient capital of Luoyang, in the end you experienced what kind of historical dynasty? Here is the "first Chinese kings", is the starting point of the "Silk Road" (Changan, Luoyang) is one of the only China history was named as the "God" of the city, but also the history of China founded theearliest time most dynasties, the longest of the capital city. According to official reports, from 2070 BC to ad 938 years, here has Xia, Zhou, Zhou, Han, Wei, Jin, Cao Wei, Sui, Tang, Tang, Jin, Liang and other thirteen dynasties (or capital regime), and after three thousand years…… But according to my simple knowledge of the history of the thirteen dynasties, the relevant description, only the Western Zhou Dynasty and the Eastern Han Dynasty, Sui and Tang Dynasties, Wu Friday as Cao Wei, the Northern Wei Dynasty, the first half of the two dynasty is. Is not enough to call the other dynasty regime, because the regime did not rule the country or even governing the land area is less than half of the country, so people think, Luoyang called "the capital of Six Dynasties" is more accurate, even so, in the history of the Luoyang Chinese status is still irreplaceable in the city. Longmen Grottoes, you are not only Chinese carving art treasures, which is a kind of hope that their ancestors came to Luoyang, is sure to go to Longmen Grottoes…… This is in Longmen Grottoes, in the province of Henan Photographers Association President high under the arrangement, to visit and to participate in the "Heluo Culture Tourism Festival" foreign friends…… Longmen Grottoes is one of the Chinese stone carving art treasure house, is a world cultural heritage, Longmen and Xiangshan Mountain located in the southern suburbs of Luoyang River on iraq. Mogao Grottoes, Yungang Grottoes, the Maijishan grottoes and Chinese four caves. Longmen Grottoes was built in the Northern Wei Emperor Xiaowen moved to Luoyang (AD 493 years) and, later, after the things of Wei, Northern Qi Dynasty, the Northern Zhou Dynasty, Sui and Tang Dynasty to the Song Dynasty, and to create a continuous mass for more than 400 years. The clouds in the two mountains cliffs, 1 km long from north to south, a total of more than 97000 statues of Buddha, the largest up to 17.14 meters, the smallest only 2 cm. Xishan cliff on the Northern Dynasties and the Sui and Tang dynasties have large and medium-sized cave more than and 50. Old Yang, Binyang, in the lotus cave, huangfugong cave, Wei Zidong, Putai hole, hole burning, CI Xiang kiln, Lu Dong, as the representative of the Northern Wei Dynasty cave; Qianxi temple, South Binyang cave, Binyang North Cave (cave and cave two above the top of the hole in the Northern Wei Dynasty Buddha Decoration completed, completed in the Sui Dynasty and the early Tang Dynasty), Jing Shan Temple, cliff three shrines, poke holes, Hui Jian Dong, Fengxian Temple, Buddhism hall, Dragon Flower Temple, Southern Tang Dynasty representative cave cave. The Tang Dynasty is Dongshan grottoes, one of large and medium-sized cave is 2?相关的主题文章: