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The three vegetable known as "gold" in October — people’s net Hainan window — October is a very important month in autumn. The hot summer is gone, and the cold wind in Northwest China is approaching step by step. The theory of traditional Chinese medicine is that "spring and summer raising Yang, autumn and winter nourishing Yin". Autumn must maintain body Yin, when the cold weather, it is the human body Yang Yin convergence, hidden in the inside of. Therefore, we should give priority to maintenance of Yin essence. So, in October, what kind of vegetables should we eat more? The nutritional value of spinach is: bowel guidance, prevention and cure of hemorrhoids and spinach, which contains a lot of plant coarse fiber. It can promote intestinal peristalsis, facilitate defecation, promote pancreatic secretion and help digestion. It has a therapeutic effect on hemorrhoids, chronic pancreatitis, constipation, anal fissure and other diseases. 2. The adjuvant treatment of iron deficiency anemia spinach contains rich iron, which has a better adjuvant effect on iron deficiency anemia. 3. To ensure nutrition and improve healthy spinach, it is rich in carotene, vitamin C, calcium and phosphorus, and a certain amount of vitamin E, rutin, coenzyme Q10 and other beneficial ingredients. (4) promoting human metabolism, delaying senescence, spinach, fluorine, phenol, 6-, hydroxymethyl, butterfly and steep two ketone and trace elements. It can promote metabolism and improve health. Eating spinach can reduce the risk of stroke. Recommended dishes wash spinach spinach soup – cut into boiling water (salt), blanch for two minutes until soft green; the preserved egg peeling cut into pieces; the other pot add appropriate amount of corn oil, put onion ginger garlic and then put into the fried preserved egg stir incense for a moment; he added bone soup or soup, cook until soup the milky white color, add salt and a little chicken; all the fine taste of soup with spinach in the above can be. (Chen Haiyan, commissioning editor Jiang Chengliu) the nutritional value of radish digestion mashed white radish juice, and has a good effect on dyspepsia, used to gargle can prevent oral ulcer. (2) the white radish slices of the urinary system and orally after the honey broil are beneficial to various urinary calculi and unobstructed urination. 3. Raw radish can promote digestion, besides promoting digestion, it also has a strong anti-inflammatory effect, and its spicy ingredients can promote gastric secretion and adjust gastrointestinal function. 4. White radish juice has a cough relieving effect. Pour half a glass of sugar into the glass bottle, then put the shredded white radish in a bottle, and then you can have white radish juice in a night. Recommend white radish soup spareribs add ginger – medlar, join cold boiled to boil; then remove spare ribs; the ribs add a foot of water, add white radish cut pieces, stir boil to boil; turn fire to continue to cook for 40 minutes; the ribs soft rotten, add wolfberry stir cook 5 the last minute; salt and pepper on it. (Chen Haiyan, commissioning editor Jiang Chengliu) crepidioides Xiaoshi appetizer, volatile oil in Chrysanthemum through to facilitate lung with special fragrance, helps wide Qi, Xiaoshi appetizer, increase appetite, and the contents of crude fibre can promote intestinal peristalsis and defecation, to achieve the purpose of benefit bowel purgation. Clear blood Yangxin lungs and phlegm crepidioides contains rich vitamin A, carotene and a variety of amino acids, sweet flat, can tranquilize the mind, lungs fill the liver, emotional stability, prevent memory loss; in addition, chrysanthemum fragrant smell, can be phlegm stagnation, to avoid abusive huazhuo. The urine, blood pressure: Chrysanthemum contains a variety of amino acids, fat, protein and higher amount of sodium, potassium and other minerals, can regulate the water metabolism of the body, promoting urination, eliminate edema; crepidioides contains a volatile oil, and choline and other substances, can reduce blood pressure, brain function. Recommend garlic mix chrysanthemum to chrysanthemum – first in boiling water boiled, then remove and dip in cold water; it into pieces with pepper oil, salt, vinegar, garlic, mustard oil. (commissioning editor Chen Haiyan and Jiang Chengliu) 被称为10月“黄金”的三种蔬菜–人民网海南视窗–人民网   十月是秋季中很重要的一个月份,燥热的夏季已经远去,西北的寒风正一步步的逼近。中医理论认为:“春夏养阳,秋冬养阴”。秋季必须保养体内阴气,当气候变冷时,正是人体阳气收敛,阴精潜藏于内之时。故应以保养阴精为主。那么,10 月,我们应该多吃些什么蔬菜呢?   菠菜   营养价值   ①通肠导便,防治痔疮   菠菜含有大量的植物粗纤维,能促进肠道蠕动,利于排便,还能促进胰腺分泌,帮助消化。对痔疮、慢性胰腺炎、便秘、肛裂等病症有治疗作用。   ②辅助治疗缺铁性贫血   菠菜中含有丰富的铁,对缺铁性贫血有较好的辅助治疗作用。   ③保障营养,增进健康   菠菜中含有丰富的胡萝卜素、维生素 C、钙、磷,及一定量的维生素 E、芸香苷、辅酶 Q10 等有益成分。   ④促进人体新陈代谢,延缓衰老   菠菜中的含氟 -生齐酚、6- 羟甲基蝶陡二酮及微量元素物质,能促进人体新陈代谢,增进身体健康。食用菠菜,可降低中风的危险。   推荐菜品   上汤菠菜   ◆菠菜洗净切断放入开水(加盐)中,焯烫两分钟至翠绿变软;   ◆皮蛋剥皮切块备用;   ◆另起锅加入适量的玉米油,把葱姜蒜煸香然后把皮蛋放入小炒片刻;   ◆加入骨汤或高汤,大火煮至汤色奶白,加入盐和少许鸡精;   ◆把调好味的汤料淋在菠菜之上即可。 (责编:陈海燕、蒋成柳)   萝卜   营养价值   ①消化方面   白萝卜捣碎后取汁液,对消化不良有较好的作用,用来漱口则可以防止口腔溃疡。   ②泌尿系统方面   白萝卜切片,蜜炙后口服,对各种泌尿系统结石、排尿不畅有好处。   ③白萝卜生吃可促进消化   除了助消化外,还有很强的消炎作用,而其辛辣的成分可促胃液分泌,调整胃肠机能。   ④白萝卜汁有止咳作用   在玻璃瓶中倒入半杯糖水,再将切丝的白萝卜满满地置于瓶中,放一个晚上就可以有白萝卜汁。   推荐菜品   白萝卜枸杞排骨汤   ◆排骨加入姜片,一起加入到冷水煮到沸;然后捞出排骨备用;   ◆排骨一次加足清水,加入切好的白萝卜块,旺火煮到滚;转文火继续煲 40 分钟;   ◆排骨软烂时,加入枸杞旺火煮 5 分钟;最后加盐、胡椒调味就可以了。 (责编:陈海燕、蒋成柳)     茼蒿   消食开胃,通便利肺   茼蒿中含有特殊香味的挥发油,有助于宽中理气,消食开胃,增加食欲,并且其所含粗纤维有助肠道蠕动,促进排便,达到通腑利肠的目的。   清血养心   润肺化痰茼蒿内含丰富的维生素、胡萝卜素及多种氨基酸,性味甘平,可以养心安神,润肺补肝,稳定情绪,防止记忆力减退;此外,茼蒿气味芬芳,可以消痰开郁,避秽化浊。   利小便,降血压:   茼蒿中含有多种氨基酸、脂肪、蛋白质及较高量的钠、钾等矿物盐,能调节体内水液代谢,通利小便,消除水肿;茼蒿含有一种挥发性的精油,以及胆碱等物质,具有降血压、补脑的作用。   推荐菜品   蒜蓉拌茼蒿   ◆首先先把茼蒿在沸水里焯一下,然后捞出浸在冷水里;   ◆切成小段后用花椒油,盐,醋,蒜末,芥末油拌匀。 (责编:陈海燕、蒋成柳)相关的主题文章: